Boorowa ready for sports frenzy


Netball NSW will be attending the Boorowa Netball/Touch Gala Day this Friday 18 October, hosted by St Joseph’s Primary School and Boorowa Central School, where 39 Primary Schools will descend for a day of fun with netball!

More than 1,500 primary students from 154 primary schools from across the Riverina, South Coast and ACT regions will take part in a day filled with sports and activities to get children active and leading a healthy lifestyle.

2013 is the third year Netball NSW will be involved in the Gala Day by bringing the ANZ NetSetGO! activity centre for participants to enjoy and learn some new netball skills.

Netball NSW Regional Development Manager Nicole Bowles says it’s exciting to be able to assist St Joseph’s in bringing a fun day to their small community.

“The Boorowa Gala Day is such a fantastic, fun day with so many people getting involved in the activities.  St Joseph’s Primary always do a terrific job in coordinating the Gala Day and Netball NSW is just pleased to be able to assist,” Bowles said.

“It’s truly a day for grassroots sports.  Everyone gets involved and has a good time.  It’s terrific to be able to bring something like the Gala Day to Boorowa, which only has a population of just under 2,500 people.”

“We hope everyone comes along, says hello and has a go at the ANZ NetSetGO! activity centre,” Bowles concluded.

For more information on the Boorowa Netball/Touch Gala Day, please contact Nicole Bowles on 02 9951 5000 (business hours) or

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