It’s the school holidays and you want to have fun but you also want to keep up your fitness for your next netball game. Whether you play netball for your school or a club side, it’s a good idea to do some physical activity rather than have a complete break during the holiday season.

Physical activity translates to a training load and a training load can help in preventing injuries. Keeping up your fitness and agility is also important so you can play well on the court.

Merryn Aldridge, Sports Physiotherapist at The Centre for Sports Medicine in Netball Central recommends maybe taking a Zumba class to improve endurance. Zumba is a high intensity activity.

Merryn also recommends classes like barre/pilates and boxfit as it allows the netball player to cross train and try something different as well as contribute to strength and endurance.

Similarly 30-60 minutes of bike riding including hills to improve endurance. If you do this activity with a friend it makes it even more fun!

If you’re holidaying at the beach activities such as sand running, frisbee, beach volleyball and beach soccer are all great activities for endurance and neuromuscular training. A work out in the sand and nailing your lands and jumps are all good exercises that transfer over to game play in netball.

Taking your scooter or roller skates and going around your local neighbourhood or park is also a good exercise for gluteal and hip strength.

So if you can try and do some of the above activities 4 x week you can not only stay fit but also have lots of fun at the same time.

So when you return to your club or school competition if you need any further information or programs regarding return to play or if you have an injury that needs attention, The Centre for Sports Medicine in Netball Central is the place to take your netball injuries.

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