Netball delivers the FUN in Sporting Schools

Throughout 2015 students across Australia have been participating in the freshly-introduced Sporting Schools; a national program that was introduced earlier this year by the Australian Sports Commission as a replacement for the Active After-School Communities program.

The whole premise of Sporting Schools is to engage more children in sport-based activity within their school environment, all the while helping to foster a lifelong interest in sport.

And here at Netball NSW HQ, we couldn’t be more supportive of seeing young kids leading a healthy and active lifestyle, which is why we believe netball is the perfect choice for the Sporting Schools program!

But instead of taking our word for it, we spoke to a couple of teachers who had recently signed up to our introductory netball program as part of Sporting Schools.

Geurie Public School sits about halfway between Dubbo and Wellington in the central west of NSW.  A small Kindy-to-Year 6 school, the students are passionate kids who have really taken to loving netball since it was first introduced in 2014.

Geurie Public School were one of the schools that were chosen as a pilot for the introductory netball program – NetSetGO – which is now the model Netball NSW uses as part of Sporting Schools.

“The kids absolutely loved it,” Principal Trish Farley told

“Emily, the Regional Coordinator at the time, visited our school each week and took the students through different skills and drills.  As a former player I knew netball well, but having an accredited coach meant there was an ‘expert’ to teach the kids the different passing techniques, the ins-and-outs of training drills, and everything else.

“Emily even donated some netball bibs and took the older students through the rules so they could participate in match play, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

“When it came time to pick our Sporting Schools-chosen sport in 2015, we asked the students what they wanted: it was a resounding ‘Netball!’”

Netball NSW returned again for Term 3 for a four-week period, with students split into three groups from Years 1-6.

“The students were so excited for netball to return; the only negative was we would have loved for the program to go longer, but Rikka (Lamb, accredited Netball NSW Development Officer) could only fit us in for that length of time,” Mrs Farley stated.

“During the breaks between visits we had organised to play matches against another school nearby, Ballimore Public School, who were also being coached by Rikka as part of Sporting Schools – that way we knew their students were at the same development level as our own, and it was a good pairing.

“Even the teachers got involved during the matches, which the students were thrilled about.”

Whilst the younger Kindergarten students weren’t involved in the Sporting Schools program delivered by Rikka, Farley said Geurie Public School made sure they didn’t miss out.

“Our Kindergarten teacher took them through some skills and drills that we’d been taught by Emily the year before. It’s great that not only are the students having fun and learning new skills, but teachers are also given the opportunity to learn new things as well.”

Farley admits Geurie Public School are already planning how they can engage more netball in the school, with both boys and girls enjoying the program.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in their skills and confidence, but most of all the students really enjoy themselves. Netball is very popular at Geurie now, and I’d have to thank Carolyn [Waite, Junior Development Coordinator] and Netball NSW for all their assistance in delivering NetSetGO,” Mrs Farley concluded.

Sporting Schools ANZ NetSetGO netball program benefits:

  • Accredited coaches endorsed by Netball NSW delivering programs
  • Equipment kit can be purchased to assist the delivery of the programs
  • Free giveaway item for each participant
  • Fun for all participants, regardless of ability, and suitable for both girls and boys
  • Development of motor skills and confidence through fun and games
  • Flexible session time options
  • Social interactive learning
  • Link to the National Curriculum

Click Here for more information on Netball NSW’s Sporting Schools program (including detailed program benefits and prices) or contact Carolyn Waite on (02) 9951 5000 during business hours or email