ANL: Two from two for NSW

Netball NSW (NNSW) has claimed back-to-back wins in Day 2 Australian Netball League (ANL) action at the Anne Clark Centre today (Sunday 13 July). The NNSW Waratahs made it two wins from as many appearances with a 70-31 victory over the Tassie Spirit, while the NNSW Blues bounced back from last night’s one-goal loss to defeat the Canberra Darters 58-42.

NNSW Waratahs 70 d Tassie Spirit 31

It was a tight tussle to open the game with both sides displaying their quick ball play and leg speed. The home side opted for some long passes through the midcourt to break the Tassie defensive zone, with shooter Kristina Brice providing a strong target in the NSW circle. Making the most of their possession gains, the 2013 Runners-Up took a 10 goal buffer into the first break.

The game continued to be played at a frenetic pace as the NNSW Waratahs quickly put up six goals to further extend their lead early in the second quarter. Tassie had made three changes to their line-up during the break, the adjustment taking time to settle.

The match turned scrappy as mistakes began to creep into both teams’ games, the Spirit making the most of their possession gains on the scoreboard. But with the backing of their home crowd, the NNSW waratahs continued to push, taking a 19-goal buffer into halftime.

NNSW Waratahs used the break to make their first changes, bringing on four players from the bench; Amy Sommerville to GA, Elly Willan to GK and 2014 NSW Swifts teammates Brooke Miller and Maddie Hay to C and WD, respectively.

The changes did little to disrupt the home team’s momentum as the NNSW Waratahs continued to put pressure on the scoreboard. With GS Brice shooting at 100 per cent for three quarters (43 goals from as many attempts) and her shooting partner GA Sommerville nailing goals from long range, the NNSW Waratahs further extended their lead to 30 goals by the final break.

Kristiana Manu’a came back onto GD for the final 15 minutes as the NNSW Waratahs put their foot down. By halfway through the final quarter the home side had pulled out to a 40-goal lead and showed no signs of slowing. In the end the NNSW Waratahs finished 39-goal victors over the Spirit, ending a successful opening ANL weekend for the side.

NNSW Waratahs coach Anita Keelan was happy her team was able to put out their hard work in training into action on court and take their second win in as many matches.

“Look it was a really good start to the ANL season… We’ve been training for four weeks and it was great to get it out there [on court], get all the girls on,” Keelan said.

“We were very happy with our performance, probably not so much with today’s as compared to yesterday but it just shows that we’ve still got a fair bit of work to do.

“When we got the ball we did some good stuff with it so we just need to get that consistency and not be so frivolous with the ball at times.”


NNSW Blues 58 d Canberra Darters 42

It was a blazing start to the game as both sides were looking for their first win of the weekend. The young NNSW Blues outfit gained ascendency early, opening out to a 10-goal lead at the first break thanks to some great attacking play.

The intensity lifted for the second quarter with the Darters looking to stay in the contest. With their defensive pressure lifting, the Darters tried to smother the home side’s free movement. But the young outfit worked the ball patiently and despite the Darters’ efforts, the NNSW Blues took a 16-goal buffer into half time.

The break allowed Head Coach Briony Akle to make her first changes to the NNSW Blues, bringing on three players to make their ANL debuts. 2014 Australian underage squad members Kirra Jones and Toni Anderson came onto GD and WD, respectively, while 2014 NSW 21/U representative Donnay Van Taak was given the WA bib.

The Darters also made their first changes, and one that had the most influence was shooter Alison Miller in the GS bib. With a tall target in the circle the Darters began to find the post, having an impact on the scoreboard.

Leading by 12 goals heading into the final 15 minutes, the NNSW Blues made two further changes to their side by bringing Claire O’Brien back onto C, while Lauren Yager made her first ANL appearance for 2014 when given the GS bib. With fire in their bellies the Darters turned up the intensity as their bench grew more vocal.

But after coming agonisingly close against the Tassie Spirit in their opening game, the NNSW Blues were spurred on to hold strong and finished 16-goal victors over the Darters.

The NNSW Waratahs will have a bye in Week 3 while the NNSW Blues are off to Melbourne’s Waverley Netball Centre to meet three of the 2014 ANL finalists; the two Victorian teams, the Fury and Flames, as well as the undefeated Southern Force.

Akle was pleased her young team was able to put Saturday’s one-goal loss behind them and hold off an experienced Darters side.

“They were against some really tough opposition that played a really smart game of netball and [our] debutants were able to go out there and take it right to the end and do a really good job to have a good win,” Akle said.

“I’m really happy that we got 11 of the girls out there on court and I think we did a really good job.”

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NNSW WARATAHS│ Q1: 17 – Q2: 33 (16) – Q3: 53 (20) – Q4: 70 (17)
SPIRIT│ Q1: 7 – Q2: 14 (7) – Q3: 23 (9) – Q4: 31 (8)

Shooting Statistics
NNSW WARATAHS: 70/75 @ 93%
Kristina Brice: 58/59 @ 98%
Leah Shoard: 8/10 @ 80%
Amy Sommerville: 4/6 @ 67%

SPIRIT: 31/44 @ 70%
Sophie Gunn: 5/7 @ 71%
Catherine van Keulen: 6/13 @ 46%
Hayley Sansom: 12/14 @ 86%
Estelle Margetts: 4/6 @ 67%
Kate Costelloe: 4/4 @ 100%

Starting Line-ups
NNSW WARATAHS│GS Kristina Brice, GA Leah Shoard, WA Kaitlyn Bryce, C Emily Keenan, WD Jessica Calderara, GD Nicole Styles, GK Kristiana Manu’a

SPIRIT│ GS Sophie Gunn, GA Catherine van Keulen, WA Hayley Sansom, C Maddeline Carter, WD Ebony Roberts, GD Dannielle Carstens, GK Kirra Parsons

Positional Changes
NNSW WARATAHS│ Q3 – GA Amy Sommerville, C Brooke Miller, WD Maddie Hay, GK Elly Willan; Q4 – GD Manu’a.

SPIRIT│ Q2 – GS Sansom, WA Sophia Saunders, C Shelby Miller; Q4 – GS Estelle Margetts, GA Kate Costelloe, WA Miller, C Carter, GD Katherine Olechowski.


Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
NNSW BLUES│ Q1: 17 – Q2: 34 (17) – Q3: 43 (9) – Q4: 58 (15)
DARTERS│ Q1: 7 – Q2: 18 (11) – Q3: 31 (13) – Q4: 42 (11)

Shooting Statistics
NNSW BLUES: 58/68 @ 85% Georgia Marshall: 25/32 @ 78% Kiera Austin: 27/30 @ 90% Lauren Yager: 6/6 @ 100%

DARTERS: 42/54 @ 78% Mardi Aplin: 9/13 @ 69% Alix McDermott: 14/18 @ 78% Alison Miller: 19/23 @ 83%

Starting Line-ups
NNSW BLUES│GS Georgia Marshall, GA Kiera Austin, WA Claire O’Brien, C Nikki Deegenaars (vc), WD Sophie Halpin (c), GD Kara Styles, GK Lauren Moore

DARTERS│ GS Mardi Aplin, GA Alix McDermott, WA Rebecca Collis, C Georgia Clayden, WD Georgia Phokos, GD Keely Rodrigo (c), GK Michelle Massarany

Positional Changes
NNSW BLUES│ Q3 – WA Donnay Van Taak, WD Toni Anderson, GD Kirra Jones; Q4 – GS Lauren Yager, C O’Brien.

DARTERS│ Q3 – GS Alison Miller, WA Leigh Kalsbeek, GD Nardia Macdonald, GK Natalie Jones; Q3 Timeout – WD Rodrigo.