Athletes to advance to 2016 NSW 17/U Phase II

Netball NSW is pleased to announce the following athletes who have successfully progressed to Phase II trials for the 2016 NSW 17/U State Team.

This year selections will be conducted under a slightly different format from previous years. Players will participate in skill based training sessions, led by NSW appointed coaches as well as participate in traditional match play trials. This will allow players to demonstrate their ability under varying circumstances and also gives the players the opportunity to up skill by training with the NSW best coaches.

The 2016 17/U National Netball Championships will be contested from Monday 11 to Monday 18 April 2016 at Perth’s State Netball Centre.

Congratulations to the following 100 athletes who are invited to participate in Phase II trials on Sunday 15 November at Netball Central;

Angel BARBER – Newcastle
Lauren BAXTER – Wyong District
Tayla BLACK – Baulkham Hills Shire
Alexandra BOLTON – Sutherland Shire
Elise BOND – Baulkham Hills Shire
Naomi BORG – Blacktown City
Ellyn BROWN – Camden & District
Megan BULL – Camden & District
Ebony BURNARD – Eastwood Ryde
Jollie CAMPBELL – Campbelltown
Alexa CARDASSILARIS – Sutherland Shire
Angela CLOERAINE – Manly Warringah
Olivia COLEMAN – St George District
Olivia COOPER – Bankstown City
Samantha CREASY – AFL Riverina
Erin CULLEN – Newcastle
Ally DALLWAY – Blacktown City
Laura DAVENPORT – Illawarra District
Carla DOUGLAS – Gunnedah
Lucinda DRINAN – Manly Warringah
Macey DUNCAN – Penrith District
Maddy EATON – Illawarra District
Anita EPERE – Blacktown City
Demi EVANS – Wyong District
Leilani FINAU – Liverpool City
Kaitlyn FISHER – Sutherland Shire
Taylah FLOOD – Baulkham Hills Shire
Tayla FRASER – Baulkham Hills Shire
Shontelle GASTON – Baulkham Hills Shire
Caitlyn GERECKE – AFL Riverina
Annabelle GILLINGS – Ku-ring-gai
Kyla GORDON – Randwick
Lili GORMAN-BROWN – Sutherland Shire
Jade HARDING – Sutherland Shire
Madison HILTON – Gosford
Tegan HOLLAND – Hastings Valley
Claire HUDSON – Camden & District
Tahisha HUNT – Sutherland Shire
Samantha JONES – Campbelltown
Courtney JONES – Camden & District
Michelle KATOA – Liverpool City
Sophie KEVERN – Eastwood Ryde
Mikaila KNEZEVIC – Inner Western Suburbs
Alexia KOHNENKAMPF – Sutherland Shire
Jessica LAGA’AIA – Inner Western Suburbs
Carly LEEMBRUGGEN – Gosford
Ruby LEMON – Manly Warringah
Josephine LENAZ – Baulkham Hills Shire
Chelsea LOUGHREY – Eastwood Ryde
Charlotte LOUREY – Illawarra District / Kiama
Sophie MacLENNAN-PIKE – Ku-ring-gai
Alice MAIER – Orange
Shelby MALLON – Sutherland Shire
Chloe MAUNDER – Armidale
Ricki McCRAY – Sutherland Shire
Matilda McDONELL – Liverpool City
Jamie McMURDO – Camden & District
Genevieve MEXTED – Sutherland Shire
Renee MIHAERE – Bankstown City
Laura MOONEY – Sutherland Shire
Leigh MYERS – Ku-ring-gai
Kayla NAKHOUL – Manly Warringah
Lauryn NETO – Illawarra District
Page NICHOLS – Shoalhaven
Piper NOWLAND – Wyong District
Teigan O’SHANNASSY – Manly Warringah
Eve PARKER – Manly Warringah
Trudi PETERSON – Lakeside
Isabella PICKUP – Randwick
Britney PIERCE – Sutherland Shire
Jessica POTTS – Lakeside / Newcastle
Emily PROUTEN – Illawarra District
Riley QUINN – Eastwood Ryde
Charlotte RALEIGH – Armidale
Isabella RANKIN – Inner Western Suburbs
Tara RIGNEY – Northern Suburbs
Jazmyn RODWELL – Gosford
Deni ROSS – Eastwood Ryde
Annika RUDD – Baulkham Hills Shire
Celan RUSH – Liverpool City
Maya STEWART – Newcastle
Tara STORTENBEKER – Sutherland Shire
Tiarne STRONG – Blacktown City
Gabriella TAYLOR-HELME – Sutherland Shire
Giah TE RINGA – Blacktown City
Latika TOMBS – Manly Warringah
Rylee TOWELL – Liverpool City
Alicia TUCKER – Ku-ring-gai
Chaise VASSALLO – Penrith District
Capri VIDLER – Baulkham Hills Shire
Stephanie VUKOVIC – Campbelltown
Alexandra WAHBY – Northern Suburbs
Kaitlin WALKER – Sutherland Shire
Isabella WARD – Manly Warringah
Levana WAYNE-BOYLE – Illawarra District
Madalyn WILD – Wyong District
Angela WILLIAMS – Newcastle
Jade WILSON – Illawarra District
Kiah YEALLAND – Blacktown City
Karlie ZWOLSMAN – Illawarra District

For more information on Netball NSW’s High Performance pathway, please visit the State Teams page. To contact someone within the High Performance department please call (02) 9951 5000 or email