2008 Final Placing: 5th

With an average age of 21, the Netball NSW Blues may well be the surprise packets of the Australian Netball League. Boasting seven current NSWIS scholarship holders, this team is full of young talent who will go ahead in leaps in bounds when exposed to the higher level competition on a regular basis.

Leading the way for the Blues in the goal shooting department will be Breeana Powell. Powell got a taste of the action in the Commonwealth Bank Trophy in 2007 with the Hunter Jaegers and has since gone on to secure a spot in the NSWIS squad. A feature in NSW teams since 2006, Breeana is a skilful player who is deadly accurate in goals.

Kelly Pepper and Ashleigh Brazill will also form key components to the Blues line up. Both are experienced mid-court players who were rewarded for their hard work and impressive performances with selection in the 2008 NSWIS squad.

With youth and enthusiasm on their side, the Blues will be a team to watch as they progress through the competition.

Netball NSW Blues

Ashleigh Brazill (Wollondilly), Sally Cain, Joanne Day, Nicole Harrison (Eastwood Ryde), Narelle Eather (Hunter United), Alison Lovatt (St George), Ashlee Mann (Manly), Lauren Mellenbergh (Parramatta Auburn), Kelly Pepper (Hastings Valley), Breeana Powell, Lauren Russell (Sutherland), Nicole Styles (Penrith)

Coach: Jon Fletcher
Asst Coach: Rob Wright
Manager: Michelle Murphy

2008 Netball NSW Blues Players:

Name: Ashleigh Brazill Date of Birth: 29 Dec 1989 Height: 175cm Position/Role: WD Occupation: Life Guard  Association: Wollondilly

Name: Ashlee Mann
Date of Birth: 29 Apr 1988 Height: 176cm Position/Role: C/WD Occupation: Receptionist Association:  Manly-Warringah

Name: Joanne Day
Date of Birth: 14 Jul 1984 Height: 181cm Position/Role: GA Occupation: Registered Nurse  Association: Eastwood Ryde

Name: Lauren Mellenbergh
Date of Birth: 23 Sep 1986 Height: 186cm Position/Role: GD/GK Occupation: Student  Association: Parramatta Auburn

Name: Narelle Eather Date of Birth: 31 Jan 1976 Height: 164cm Position/Role: C/WA Occupation: PDHPE Lecturer Association: Hunter United

Name: Kelly Pepper
Date of Birth: 11 Jul 1988 Height: 178cm Position/Role: WA/C Occupation: Receptionist Association: Hastings Valley

Name: Sally Cain
Date of Birth: 7 Feb 1989 Height: 178cm Position/Role: GA/GS Occupation:   Association: Eastwood Eyde

Name: Breanna Powell
Date of Birth: 17 Aug 1989 Height: 180cm Position/Role: GA/GS Occupation: Subway (Casual) Association: Sutherland

Name: Nicole Harrison
Date of Birth: 22 Jan 1988 Height: 169cm Position/Role: WA/C Occupation: Student Association: Eastwood Ryde

Name: Lauren Russell
Date of Birth: 17 Jan 1988 Height: 183cm Position/Role: GK/GD Occupation: Student Association: Sutherland

Name: Alison Lovatt
Date of Birth: 6 April 1990 Height: 184cm Position/Role: GS/GA Occupation: Student  Association: St George

Name: Nicole Styles
Date of Birth: 24 Jun 1989 Height: 185cm Position/Role: GK/GD Occupation: Gloria Jeans (Casual)
Association: Penrith