2008 Final Placing: 4th

The Netball NSW Waratahs boast an experienced line up for the inaugural Australian Netball League. Led by NSW Swifts assistant coach Tracey Robinson this team is expected to play an exciting brand of netball.

The Waratahs’ line up contains nine players with experience in the Commonwealth Bank Trophy, not to mention four players who have experienced the evolution of the game with the NSW Swifts in the ANZ Championship.

Experienced campaigner, Emma Koster, will lead the team in defence, whilst at the other end of the court, the Waratahs will look to Leah Shoard, Erin Bell and Tiffany Lincoln to form a formidable attacking trio.

Add to this an exciting mixture of youth and experience and the Waratahs are definitely shaping up as championship contenders.

Netball NSW Waratahs
Erin Bell*, April Letton, Jessica Mansell (Sutherland), Emma Koster* (Blue Mountains), Kasey Ledbrook (Penrith), Tiffany Lincoln*, Natarlia Manning (Newcastle), Hannah Hauser, Jacqueline Murphy, Joanne Sutton (Manly), Leah Shoard* (Illawarra), Amy Wild (Fairfield).
*denotes NSW Swifts representative

Coach: Tracey Robinson
Asst Coach: Moira Gaha
Manager: Maureen Stephenson

2008 Netball NSW Waratahs Players:

Name: Erin Bell
Date of Birth: 30 Apr 1987 Height: 178cm Position/Role: GA/GS Occupation: Student  Association: Sutherland

Name: Natarlia Manning
Date of Birth: 30 Apr 1990 Height: 174cm Position/Role: GD/GK Occupation: Retail Assistant Association: Newcastle

Name: Hannah Hauser
Date of Birth: 25 Mar 1980 Height: 180cm Position/Role: GD/GK Occupation: Primary Teacher  Association: Manly-Warringah

Name: Jessica Mansell
Date of Birth: 13 Jan 1989 Height: 184cm Position/Role: GD/GK Occupation: Student  Association: Sutherland

Name: Emma Koster
Date of Birth: 29 May 1984 Height: 188cm Position/Role: GD/GK Occupation: Aged Care Nurse Association: Blue Mountains

Name: Jacqueline Murphy
Date of Birth: 29 Mar 1984 Height: 180cm Position/Role: GD/WD Occupation: Student Association: Manly-Warringa

Name: Kasey Ledbrook
Date of Birth: 12 Jan 1989 Height: 175cm Position/Role: C/WA Occupation:   Association: Penrith

Name: Leah Shoard
Date of Birth: 23 May 1986 Height: 173cm Position/Role: GA/GS/WA Occupation: Student Association: Illawarra

Name: April Letton
Date of Birth: 19 Apr 1990 Height: 183cm Position/Role: GK/GD Occupation: Student Association: Sutherland

Name: Joanne Sutton
Date of Birth: 13 Jul 1986 Height: 178cm Position/Role: WD/C Occupation: Student Association: Manly

Name: Tiffany Lincoln
Date of Birth: 7 Apr 1985 Height: 174cm Position/Role: GA/WA Occupation: Hairdresser  Association: Newcastle

Name: Amy Wild
Date of Birth: 10 Aug 1989 Height: 179cm Position/Role: GA/GS Occupation: Child Care Trainee
Association: Fairfield