2009 Final Placing: 5th (6 wins, 4 losses)

Erin Bell
Date of Birth: 30 April 1987
Height: 178cm
Position/Role: GA/GS
Occupation: Exercise Physiologist
Association: CSNA / Sydney Uni (Hails from Sutherland Shire)
Breanna Powell
Date of Birth: 17 August 1989
Height: 180cm
Position/Role: GA/GS
Occupation: Student
Association: Sutherland Shire
Sally Cain
Date of Birth: 7 February 1989 Height: 178cm
Position/Role: GA/GS
Occupation: Student
Association: Eastwood Ryde
Michelle Regan
Date of Birth: 24 June 1988
Height: 191cm
Position/Role:  GS/GA
Occupation: Membership Consultant/Student
Association: Parramatta Auburn
Hannah Hauser
Date of Birth: 25 March 1980 Height: 180cm
Position/Role: GD/GK
Occupation: Primary teacher Association: Manly-Warringah
Verity Simmons
Date of Birth: 19 May 1991
Height: 170.5cm
Position/Role: C/WA
Occupation: Student
Association: Grafton
Ashlee Mann
Date of Birth: 29 April 1988
Height: 176cm
Position/Role: C/WD
Occupation: Receptionist Association: Manly – Warringah
Megan Styles
Date of Birth: 26 March 1991
Height: 187cm
Position/Role: GK/GD
Association: Penrith District
Natarlia Manning
Date of Birth: 30 April 1990
Height: 174cm
Position/Role: GD/GK
Occupation: Retail Assistant Association: Newcastle
Victoria Trist
Date of Birth: March 13 1990
Height: 172cm
Position/Role: WA/GA
Occupation: Waste Manager Association: Parramatta Auburn
Jessica Mansell
Date of Birth: 13 January 1989 Height: 184cm
Position/Role: GD/GK
Occupation: Student Association: Sutherland Shire
Lorin Haire
Date of Birth: 5 November 1985
Height: 180cm
Position/Role: GD/GK
Occupation: Visual Merchandiser Association: Sutherland Shire

Robert Wright
Assistant Coach: Jenny O’Keefe
Manager: Michele Murphy
Physiotherapist: David Hillard

Selectors have been viewing players at Waratah Cup from the beginning of the season with the brief of selecting two teams of as “equal ability as possible” to compete against all States & Territories in Australia, along with Singapore who have been included in the ANL competition for 2009.

2009 NNSW Waratahs ANL Fixture
24 July v AIS 2pm, Frank Stewart Training Hall, ACT
4 August v Singapore 7pm, ACC
9 August v Territory Storm 3pm, Waverley Netball Centre, VIC
14 August v NNSW Blues 6pm, ACC
16 August v VIC Fury 12:30pm, ACC
22 August v Tasmania 3:30pm, ETSA Park, SA
23 August v South Australia 12pm, ETSA Park, SA
4 September v WA 6:30pm, Arena Joondalup, WA
5 September v QLD Fusion 4:30pm, Arena Joondalup, WA
6 September v Canberra Darters 9:30am, Arena Joondalup, WA