NSW kick off Day 3 with wins

The NSW 17/U and 19/U Teams both had good wins over Australian Capital Territory for the Round Five matches at the National Netball Championships in Darwin.  The 19s played first, finishing 14 goals ahead of ACT, 34-20, while the 17s put on their most dominant performance thus far with a 30 goal victory over ACT, 50-20.

The NSW 19/U flew out of the starting blocks against ACT, putting five up five unanswered goals before ACT could score.  GD Billie Gurr was vocal in the ACT shooting circle, working with her partner GK Peti Talanoa to prevent ACT midcourt feeding to their shooters.

The teams soon fell into a pattern of trading goals, before costly errors from ACT saw NSW take advantage and put four unanswered goals late in the quarter.  ACT steadied for the final minutes of the first half, however NSW held on to go into the big break nine goals up, 16-7.

ACT started the second half strongly putting the first three goals up before NSW could answer.  The match-up between GK Gurr and GS Victoria Schmal was entertaining to watch, with the NSW defender coming out on top by limiting the 184cm to just three goals. But it was the speed of GA Leigh Kalsbeek that saw ACT stay in touch on the scoreboard as NSW went into the final break 12 goals clear.

NSW strong man-on-man defence put pressure on every ACT pass, forcing errors to turn over the ball.  Brought on for the fourth quarter, Gloria Masiasomua at WA fed beautiful high balls into GS Claudia Russell, with the vice-captain enjoying a 100 per cent game with 12 shots from as many attempts.

Both teams had short runs on the scoreboard, however NSW were able to steady and claim a 14 goal victory – their third win for the week.

Head Coach Jo Macdermid said she was happy to come away with a win, but thought her side had a lot to work on.

“I’m very happy to get a win against ACT, but I thought we lacked the consistency that we have shown in our other matches,” Macdermid said.

“We had lapses in concentration, which allowed ACT to come back into the match … but when we were on, our passes were pin-point, our transitions worked well and our combinations stood up.  We just need to make sure we stick to our game plan and I have no doubt that our consistency will return for our next game.”

The NSW 17/U enjoyed their strongest result at Nationals, defeating ACT by 30 goals.  Head Coach Lenore Blades started with her leadership team in the shooting circle, with GS Georgia Marshall and GA Lauren Yager combining to put up 15 goals, while the NSW defensive end did a superb job, keeping ACT goal-less for the opening quarter.

It wasn’t until NSW had scored their 20th goal did ACT find the post; but their joy was short-lived as Marshall put up her lucky 13th goal just seconds later.

GK Ashley Valeni once again showed her aerial abilities, taking intercepts in the defensive end to provide more possession to NSW shooters.  The first half was dominated by NSW who scored 29 goals to ACT five as the teams went into the big break.

The second half saw ACT slowly become more involved in the game, using their midcourt speed to cut through the man-on-man defence from NSW.  Natasha Strachan enjoyed a big game, moving from WD to C as she rivalled Valeni for the most intercepts for the match.

With speedy GA Braeden Quince combining with the two talls Yager (Q3) and Cristy Linaker (Q4) NSW were able to maintain their advantage to post a 30 goal victory at the final whistle.

Excited to be back on the winner’s board, Head Coach Lenore Blades said it was the team’s fantastic start that set up today’s win.

“We haven’t really had a good start at Nationals yet – we’ve always taken a few minutes to get into a game.  But today we just smashed it, which is fantastic that we have the ability to push from the get-go,” said Blades.

“Tonight against Queensland is a must-win for us … I think we are heading in the right direction, the girls are in a good head-space so I’m confident they can get out on court, stick to the game plan, and get a win.”

NSW are back on court this afternoon when 19/U take on Queensland at 3.30pm (local time), before the 17/U side take the court against QLD to close competition on Day Three at 8.00pm. Stay tuned to facebook.com/OfficialNetballNSW for quarter score updates and photos.

19/ U Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
NSW Q1: 7 – Q2: 16 (9) – Q3: 25 (9) – Q4: 34 (9)
ACT Q1: 3 – Q2: 7 (4) – Q3: 13 (6) – Q4: 20 (7)

19/ U Shooting Statistics
NSW: 34/47 @ 72%
Stephanie MacGougan: 14/20 @ 70%
Isabella Keogh: 8/15 @ 53%
Claudia Russell: 12/12 @ 100%

ACT: 20/37 @ 54%
Farrah Marolt: 5/13 @ 37%
Renae Marshall: 5/8 @ 63%
Leigh Kalsbeek: 7/10 @ 70%
Victoria Schmal: 3/6 @ 50%

19/U Teams Starting Positions
NSW: GS Stephanie MacGougan, GA Isabella Keogh, WA Tanisha Stanton, C Zoe Gilbert, WD Brooke Lawrence (c), GD Billie Gurr, GK Peti Talanoa
ACT: GS Farrah Marolt, GA  Renae Marshall, WA Leigh Kalsbeek, C Georgia Clayden (c), WD Lara Cameron, GD Emma Wlmsley-Stonehouse, GK Hayley Bowyer

19/U NSW Position Changes
Q2: Talanoa GD, Gurr GK; Q3: Claudia Russell GS, MacGougan GA, Madeline Hay C; Q4: Gloria Masiasomua WA, Stanton C, Hay WD, Lawrence GD; Q4 Timeout: Gilbert C, Talanoa GK

17/U Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
NSW Q1: 15 – Q2: 29 (14) – Q3: 40 (11) – Q4:
ACT Q1: 0 – Q2: 5 – Q3: 11 (6) – Q4:

17/U Shooting Statistics
NSW: 50/65 @ 77%
Georgia Marshall: 18/22 @ 82%
Lauren Yager:  18/23 @ 78%
Braeden Quince: 6/6 @ 100%
Cristy Linaker: 8/14 @ 57%

ACT: 20/28 @ 71%
Leila Basic: 0/2 @ 0%
Molly Dickson: 7/10 @ 70%
Sophie Immonen: 13/16 @ 81%

17/U Teams Starting Positions
NSW: GS Georgia Marshall (c), GA Lauren Yager (vc), WA Jade Riley, C Elyssa Pierce, WD Natasha Strachan, GD Cassandra Radford, GK Ashley Valeni
ACT: GS Leila Basic, GA Molly Dickson, WA Breanna Toze, C Maddie Dwyer, WD Ainsley McGrath, GD Tayla Ayers, GK Lucy Laurent

NSW 17/U Position Changes
Q3: Braeden Quince GS, Strachan C, Madeleine McCathie WD, Toni Anderson GD; Q4: Cristy Linaker GS, Quince GA, Radford GK