NSW puts on strong performance against host

Both the NSW 17/U and 19/U Teams are celebrating Round Three victories over hosts Northern Territory at the National Netball Championships in Darwin.

The 17/U side defeated NT by 20 goals, 35-15, while the 19/U team finished 35 goals ahead, 50-15.  It was the 17/U first win of the tournament and the 19/U second.

The 17/U match was played first, with NSW and NT playing out a fairly even first half.  It was an entertaining match-up between the two talls in NSW shooting circle, with NT GK Alicia Kruske trying to keep GS Cristy Linaker at bay.

Linaker earned extra attention from the NT defenders, which allowed GA Braeden Quince more freedom to come into the game.  NSW defender Ashley Valeni again showed off her aerial prowess down the other end, taking key intercepts through the game.

The second half saw NSW exert their dominance on the game, with the victors scoring 18 goals while a fantastic defensive effort kept the host’s to just four.

17/U Head Coach Lenore Blades says it’s great to get their first win.

“We managed to give some of the younger players more court time today, which is really pleasing to see them do well,” Blades said.

“I thought we started a little bit slow, but the team continued to build through the game and was able to finish strongly … we want to carry that second half momentum through to our next match against Victoria, which we are expected to be a tough one, but the win is a real confidence booster for the girls.”

In the 19/U game NSW stamped their dominance from the opening whistle, putting on nine consecutive goals before NT hit the scoreboard.

Vice-captain Claudia Russell was a standout at GS, shooting 21 goals from 22 attempts and also 12 offensive rebounds to her name for the first half.  The game also saw Peti Talanoa experience Nationals for the first time, when she took the court at GD.

NSW look to move the ball quickly through the midcourt to feed possession to their shooters, and the defensive pair of Talanoa and Billie Gurr put pressure on every NT shot to force the rebound.

19/U Head Coach said although pleased with the win, she was most impressed that her players were able to perfectly execute their game plan.

“The thing I am most happy with is that we set a game plan and the girls stuck to it.  We were able to get all 12 players out on court and all 12 showed they are ready and willing to play, which is a fantastic position to be in as a coach,” Macdermid said.

With the big game against Victoria coming up, Macdermid is excited about what the team can put out on court this evening.

“It’s always enjoyable to take on VIC, and it’s even better to beat them, so we just want to focus on what we are doing well and keep executing our game plans to keep our game looking better every time.”

NSW are back on court tonight when the 17/U State Team meets traditional rivals Victoria at 6.30pm (local time), while the 19/U side also take on VIC at 8.00pm. Stay tuned to facebook.com/OfficialNetballNSW for quarter score updates and photos.

17/U Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
NSW Q1: 7 – Q2: 17 (10) – Q3: 27 (10) – Q4: 35 (8)
NT Q1: 4 – Q2: 11 (7) – Q3: 14 (3) – Q4: 15 (1)

17/U Shooting Statistics
NSW: 35/45 @ 78%
Cristy Linaker: 21/26 @ 81%
Braeden Quince: 14/19 @ 74%

NT: 15/29 @ 52%
Gabrielle Borchers: 8/11 @ 73%
Madi Spedding: 3/9 @ 33%
Rebecca Winch: 3/8 @ 38%
Savanah Tiller: 1/1 @ 100%

17/U Teams Starting Positions
NSW: GS Cristy Linaker, GA Braeden Quince, WA Jade Riley, C Natasha Strachan, WD Toni Anderson, GD Madeleine McCathie, GK Ashley Valeni
NT: GS Gabrielle Borchers, GA Madi Spedding, WA Billie Newton, C Lisa Roscarel, WD Bronte Pearson, GD Bethany Fry, GK Alicia Kruske

NSW 17/U Position Changes
Q2: Valeni GD, Cassandra Radford GK; Q3: Charlotta Jasprizza WA, Elyssa Pierce C, Madeleine McCathie WD, Radford GD, Valeni GK; Q4: Toni Anderson GD.

19/ U Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
NSW Q1: 13 – Q2: 28 (15) – Q3: 39 (11) – Q4: 50 (11)
NT Q1: 3 – Q2: 6 (3) – Q3: 11 (5) – Q4: 15 (4)

19/ U Shooting Statistics
NSW: 50/67 @ 75%
Claudia Russell: 21/22 @ 95%
Stephanie MacGougan: 23/36 @ 64%
Gloria Masiasomua: 4/5 @ 80%
Isabella Keogh: 2/4 @ 50%

NT: 15/22 @ 68%
Ashleigh Thomson: 8/10 @ 75%
Jordan Hickey: 2/3 @ 44%
Jaiden Preece-Forrester: 5/9 @ 56%

19/U Teams Starting Positions
NSW: GS Claudia Russell (vc), GA Stephanie MacGougan, WA Gloria Masiasomua, C Zoe gilbert, WD Madeline Hay, GD Peti Talanoa, GK Billie Gurr
NT: GS Ashleigh Thomson, GA Jordann Hickey, WA Jamie Collins, C Kathleen Carlisle, WD Carlie Ryan, GD Maddy Balson, GK Joanne Morrison

19/U NSW Position Changes
Q3: MacGougan GS, Masiasomua GA, Tanisha Stanton WA, Brooke Lawrence WD, Tahlia Goodwin GD, Talanoa GK; Q3 Timeout: Gurr WD, Lawrence GD; Q4: Isabella Keogh GS, MacGougan GA