NSW set for Finals with two wins

UPDATED: 3:00pm, Friday 17 April

NSW has finished in second place on both 17/U and 19/U ladders at the conclusion of the regular rounds of the 2015 National Netball Championships, being held at Netball Central.  The tournament now turns its attention to the Finals Series to be contested this weekend – NSW 17/U side will meet Victoria at 12:45pm while the 19/U Team will meet South Australia at 4:45pm, after both their opponents finished in third place.

Come join us at Netball Central tomorrow, Saturday 16 April, and help cheer on the mighty NSW teams to Semi Final victory as our 17/U and 19/U sides look to feature in the Grand Finals and claim the 2015 Champions title!

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19U Rd 7: NSW 36 d QLD 27

It was a competitive start to the match – QLD had nothing to lose having already missed out on a 2015 Finals spot, whilst NSW were aiming to solidify their spot in the Top Four.  Working hard in defence NSW were able to quickly take the lead, forcing QLD into chase mode.  But the visitors weren’t to be discouraged and kept coming at the Blues.

Despite trailing by five goals at the first break QLD were full of confidence for the start of the second quarter, putting up three unanswered goals to pull back the deficit; thanks to some strong rebounding in their defensive circle.

With both sides putting on terrific defensive pressure the contests were white-hot for possession.  2015 NSW Swifts replacement player Amy Parmenter was a driving force for her side; providing strong leads in attack whilst getting critical tips to earn possession.

Soon NSW were able to get their buffer back out to five goals, but QLD kept on coming.  Denying NSW not one, but two goals late in the quarter, the visitors clawed back the deficit – if only slightly – to four goals at the big break.

Head Coach Briony Akle made her first changes, bringing on Elyssa Pierce to C while moving Parmenter to WD.  The 18-year-old injected herself into the contest, getting a knock in the process to call time.  After receiving some attention, Pierce was ready to go – in the meantime Akle made her second change, bringing on Nationals rookie Emily Moore to GS.

Moore didn’t miss a bit, slotting in to combine well with Austin to form a mobile shooting circle.  With Parmenter and GK Ashley Valeni taking strong intercepts down back, their shooters capitalised on the scoreboard to extend their lead to nine goals at the final break.

Despite the deficit it was QLD who came out firing for the final 10 minutes, scoring five goals to NSW’s three in the first half of the fourth quarter.  But the Blues withstood the pressure, with GK Valeni starring in the final quarter with crucial intercepts to turnover to see NSW claim a nine-goal victory.
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Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
NSW│ Q1: 10 – Q2: 17 (7) – Q3: 28 (9) – Q4: 36 (8)
QLD│ Q1: 5 – Q2: 13 (8) – Q3: 19 (6) – Q4: 27 (8)

Shooting Statistics
NSW: 36/46 @ 78%
C. Linaker: 12/17 @ 70%
K. Austin: 17/20 @ 85%
E. Moore: 7/9 @ 78%

QLD: 27/32 @ 84%
A. Latu-Meafou: 14/15 @ 93%
G. Briggs: 10/13 @ 77%
E. Cook: 3/4 @ 75%

Starting Line-ups
NSW│ GS Cristy Linaker, GA Kiera Austin (C), WA Claire O’Brien, C Amy Parmenter (VC), WD Toni Anderson, GD Cassandra Radford, GK Ashley Valeni

QLD │ GS Abigail Latu-Meafou, GA Georgie Briggs, WA Josephine Hungerford, C Ally McLeod, WD Ashlee Unie (C), GD Bryah Gafa, GK Mia Henderson

Positional Changes
NSW│ Q3 – C Elyssa Pierce, WD Parmenter; Q3 Timeout – GS Emily Moore.
QLD │ Q1 Timeout – GA Emma Cook, C Kobe Howard; Q2: GA Briggs; Q4 – C McLeod.

2015 19/U National Netball Championships – Finals Fixtures
Sat 18 April Play-Offs 1:00pm QLD (5) v NT (8)
2:15pm ACT (6) v TAS (7)
Semi Final 1 3:30pm VIC (1) v WA (4)
Semi Final 2 4:45pm NSW (2) v SA (3)
Sun 19 April Play-Offs 9:00am L (5v8) v L (6v7)
10:15am W (5v8) v W (6v7)
3rd Place 11:30am L SF 1 v L SF 2
Grand Final 2:15pm W SF 1 v W SF 2


17U Rd 7: NSW 33 d ACT 15

The NSW 17/U Team have booked their spot in the 2015 17/U National Netball Championships Finals Series with a comfortable 18-goal victory over Australian Capital Territory.  It was a full team effort from the Blues, with all 12 athletes having a run during the game.

It was an exciting start to the match as the teams were locked in a see-sawing battle trading goals.  NSW opted for their successful defensive zone to put pressure on ACT midcourt on transitioning the ball quickly, however ACT’s defensive end was equally up to the task.

The deadlock came in the seventh minute when NSW created a turnover to take a handy two-goal advantage but ACT worked hard to stay in the contest.  NSW keep Teigan O’Shannaasy was hungry for an intercept, coming out a couple times successfully to give her side possession.  She was ably assisted by her circle partner Kirra Jones who was vocal in rallying the zone, whilst also just as keen for an intercept.

The effort resulted in NSW taking a marginal, but handy, four goal lead into the first break.

Handling errors began to creep into both team’s game with defensive pressure making attacking ends work hard for every pass.  Amongst the scrappy play NSW were able to keep affecting the scoreboard, slowly but surely extending their lead over the visitors.  With NSW shooters keeping well-contained by ACT defenders, midcourters Lili Gorman-Brown and Tayla Fraser worked hard to provide an option on the circle.

Enjoying a seven-goal buffer at the break, Head Coach Moira Gaha made wholesale changes to her outfit for the second half – bringing on Captain Kristen Kessler to WA, her co-Vice Captains Laura Towell and Lauren Moore to GA and GK, respectively, and Demi Evans to WD whilst moving Fraser to C.

The resulting changes provided strong connections across the court as NSW transitioned the ball fast into attack for their shooters to capitalise on the scoreboard.  The Blues enjoyed a purple patch of goal scoring activity that saw them quickly push out their advantage, taking an 18-goal lead into the final quarter.

Mixing up her defensive combinations Gaha made further changes to her side for the final 10 minutes, bringing back on O’Shannassy to GK moving Moore to GD, whilst Bradley came back onto WD moving Evans to C in the process; later in the quarter with ACT calling a timeout, Gaha brought on her only remaining bench player, Veronika Jukic, to GS

By experimenting with her combinations, Gaha ensured all 12 athletes got a run against ACT, showing the depth and trust she has in her squad. While the final quarter finished even, with six goals to each side, NSW had far too much of a lead for Act to catch, finishing with an 18-goal victory.

At this stage NSW have finished in third place and, depending on the other Round 7 results, will meet Victoria in the Semi Finals tomorrow, Saturday 18 April, at 12:45pm – details to be confirmed following the conclusion of Day 4 at the 2015 17/U National Netball Championships.
Click here to view the 17/U Nationals ladder

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
NSW│ Q1: 9 – Q2: 15 (6) – Q3: 27 (12) – Q4: 33 (6)
ACT│ Q1: 5 – Q2: 8 (3) – Q3: 9 (1) – Q4: 15 (6)

Shooting Statistics
NSW: 33/43 @ 77%
T. Black: 17/23 @ 74%
R. McCray: 6/8 @ 75%
L. Towell: 9/10 @ 90%
V. Jukic: 1/2 @ 50%

ACT: 15/22 @ 68%
J. Clough: 12/13 @ 92%
A. Sengelman: 2/5 @ 40%
N. Makunde: 1/3 @ 33%
M. Robinson: 0/1 @ 0%

Starting Line-ups
NSW│ GS Tamara Black, GA Ricki McCray, WA Tayla Fraser, C Lili Gorman-Brown, WD Te-Arn Bradley, GD Kirra Jones, GK Teigan O’Shannassy

ACT │ GS Jacoba Clough, GA Alexandra Sengelman, WA Zoe Haseler (C), C Jamie Clayden, WD Grace Hill, GD Bryana Robinson, GK Katie Halse

Positional Changes                        
NSW│ Q3 – GA Laura Towell (co-VC), WA Kristen Kessler (C), C Fraser, WD Demi Evans, GK Lauren Moore (co-VC); Q4 – C Evans, WD Bradley, GD Moore, GK O’Shannassy; Q4 Timeout – GS Veronika Jukic, GA Black.
ACT│ Q3 – GS Nalanie Makunde, GA Madison Robinson, WA Clayden, C Haseler, WD B. Robinson, GD Annabelle Marshall, GK Millie Boehem; Q4 – GS Clough, GA Sengelman, WD Hill.

2015 17/U National Netball Championships – Finals Fixtures
Sat 18 April Play-Offs 9:00am WA (5) v NT (8)
10:15am ACT (6) v TAS (7)
Semi Final 1 11:30am QLD (1) v SA (4)
Semi Final 2 12:45pm NSW (2) v VIC (3)
Sun 19 April Play-Offs 9:00am L (5v8) v L (6v7)
10:15am W (5v8) v W (6v7)
3rd Place 11:30am L SF 1 v L SF 2
Grand Final 12:45pm W SF 1 v W SF 2


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