The ankle joint is the most injured joint in netball and recent research indicates 42 per cent of all injuries in the sport involve it.

To prevent ankle injuries, and to manage them, taping and bracing of the ankle are common.

Taping and bracing are used in injury management including ankle sprains. To tape or to brace is a personal preference.

When taping, if restricting movement is the purpose then only adhesive, non-stretch (rigid) tape is appropriate.

The tape provides mechanical support and may enhance proprioception.

It’s important to shave hair eight hours prior to tape application to avoid skin irritation. It is also important to clean the skin.

If someone is allergic to tape you can use products such as under wrap.

For an ankle use a 38mm rigid tape. To apply the tape anchor proximally and distally, apply even pressure and use even tension. Make sure that there are no folds or creases in the tape.

To remove tape use scissors and adhesive remover or eucalyptus oil.

If you have to tape all the time you could use a brace and we recommend the ASO Brace for netball.

If you prefer to wear a brace the ASO ankle brace fits comfortably into your netball shoes or regular day-to-day footwear. It is similar to the basket weave of a taping application and also locks in the heel. The advantage is that the straps can be re-tightened at any time without removing the shoe.

So for all your taping and bracing needs contact The Centre for Sports Medicine at the Genea Netball Centre, Sydney Olympic Park. Our physiotherapy staff our here to assist you with your netball needs.

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