Article supplied by The Centre for Sports Medicine

Massage therapy is great for recovery from netball training or after competition. The benefits of massage include reducing excessive post-exercise muscle tone, increasing range of motion as well as increasing the circulation and nutrition to damaged tissues.
Massage can increase joint flexibility and assist with recovering from exercise. For some with stressful working lives, a massage can assist with decreasing tension and offer some relaxation.
Some techniques used in massage include deep tissue massage, sports massage, trigger point therapy and effleurage.

So if you are recovering from a weekend of netball or a wanting a massage to relax at the end of the working week please call The Centre for Sports Medicine at Genea Netball Centre in Sydney Olympic Park.

Their team of massage therapists service the GIANTS Netball Team and GWS Giants AFL and are now offering their services to Netball NSW Members and families.

Please email or call 90968840 and check our website.