2020 Workforce – Umpires

Date & Venue
NETED – Hunter 14 March
Hunter Sports High
Lauren Hill & Monique Smith
NETED – West Central West 14 March
Laura Hay
NETED – Far North Coast 16 February
Ballina Indoor Sports
Bronwen Adams
NETED – South Coast 29 February
Queanbeyan Indoor Sports
Shauna Winchester
NETED – Northern Inland 15 March
UNE Armidale
Sandra Kohlmayer
NETED – North Coast 1 March
Coffs Harbour Indoor Sports
Sarah Hay
NETED – Riverina 15 February
Young PCYC
Emma Corfield with Amanda McLachlan
    Regional Mentoring – Hunter Hunter Allocations Team
    Regional Mentoring – West Central West 15 March
    Orange PCYC
    Emma Corfield
    Regional Mentoring – Far North Coast 16 August
    Sarah Hay
    Regional Mentoring – South Coast South Coast Allocations Team
    Regional Mentoring – Northern Inland 9 August
    Moree & District
    Laura Hay
    Regional Mentoring – North Coast 3 May
    Great Lakes
    Kylie Mulcare
    Regional Mentoring – Riverina 16 February
    Young PCYC
    Amanda McLachlan

    Event & Location
    Metro League Umpire Allocator
    Kylie Mulcare, Michelle McNamara, Helen Dolbel, Bronwen Adams
    Metro League Umpire Allocator
    Chris Hall, Jodie Correia, John Hahn, Ronda Kimble, Lynn Pudarich
    Metro League Umpire Allocator
    Sharon Kelly, Duncan Lang, Lisa Chiovo
    Regional League – Hunter Head of Allocations Monique Smith
    Team Member Ngaio Stobbs, Leearna Bennett, Kathleen Styant, Janice Klus, Lauren Hill
    Regional League – West Central West Head of Allocations Leanne Plackson
    Team Member Amy Holman
    Far North Coast Umpire Development Team Head of Allocations Sue Higgins
    Team Member Denise Dawson, Cyndi Allen, Jackie Small
    Regional League – South Coast Head of Allocations Kim Chan
    Team Member Karon Dawson, Jodie Correia
    Regional League – Northern Inland Head of Allocations Lyn O’Brien
    Team Member Sarah Horne, Peter Lees
    Regional League – North Coast Head of Allocations Caitlin Holman
    Team Member Leanne Rutherford, Petra Hayman
    Regional League – Riverina Head of Allocations Sherylle Sheehy
    Team Member Vicki Kaylock, Julie Kelleher,  Kelly Hill

    Senior State Titles Divisions 1 & 2 Duncan Lang, Lauren Hill, Emma Corfield
    Divisions 3 & 4 Lynn Pudarich, John Hahn, Ann Tomasewski
    Junior State Titles Divisions 1 & 2 Lisa Chiovo, Michelle McNamara, Duncan Lang
    Divisions 3 & 4 Kim Chan, Jodie Correia, Sarah Hay
    State Cup Lauren Hill, Kirsten Gossip
    Masters State Masters Kelly Hill, Laura Hay
    Social Masters Sherylle Sheehy

    Academy Games Chris Hall, Sharon Kelly, Kylie Mulcare
    Academy Challenge Chris Hall, Sharon Kelly, Bronwen Adams

    2020 Nomination Forms

    2020 Metro League Umpire Nomination Form

    Region 2 Regional League: (coming soon)

    Region 3 Regional League: (coming soon)

    Region 4 Regional League: (coming soon)

    Region 5 Regional League: (coming soon)

    Region 6 Regional League: (coming soon)

    Region 7 Regional League: (coming soon)

    Region 8 Regional League: (coming soon)

    2020 Senior State Titles Umpire Nomination Form (coming soon)

    2020 Junior State Titles Umpire Nomination Form (coming soon)

    2020 Masters Titles Umpire Nomination Form (coming soon)



    Senior State Titles (2020)

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    5.2 Umpires

    Junior State Titles (2020)

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    5.2 Umpires

    State & Social Masters (2019)

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    5.2 Umpires

    Regional League (2020)

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    8 Umpires