Great learning for umpires at National B Camp

The Genea Netball Centre was the venue for the annual National B Camp which saw 80 umpires from all over NSW attend.

Taking place on Sunday 19 March, the B Camp focused on the needs of National B umpires to ensure they continue along their development pathway.

Four main areas were covered during the camp: Goal Setting, Fitness, Contact v Contest and the National Umpire Development Framework.

An experienced team of consisting of Netball NSW’sDuncan Lang, , Sharon Kelly and Chris Hall, along with ACPE Lecturer Mikah van Gogh took the participants through each aspect of the camp and some great learning was had by all.

Under Goal Setting, umpires were told to set realistic goals for themselves in 2017 and beyond, and they left the camp with goal setting sheets they could apply to their own on-court and off-court situations.

The Fitness session looked at targeting specific types of fitness required by umpires while the contact v contest session allowed participants to work in groups and bounce ideas off each other around specific rules using game photos.

The National Umpire Development Framework session covered the changes that were made by Netball Australia in relation to the pathway framework. The camp also had the opportunity to have a question and answer session with the Netball NSW team.

“The atmosphere and excitement that was in the room throughout the camp was amazing,” Sophie Tindle, Volunteer Workforce Manager at Netball NSW, said.

“The B Camp this year certainly demonstrated the enthusiasm of our National B’s with 80 participants attending.

“These people are, like the rest of our volunteers all over the state, the lifeblood of our sport and to see them coming from all over regional and metro parts to improve their skill is heartening – and they are what makes NSW one of the best places for netball in the world.”