Netball Australia releases Community Umpires Toolkit

Thanks to Netball Australia and the Netball World Cup 2015 SYDNEY Legacy Program, over 600 Associations across Australia will receive for free the new Community Umpire Toolkit.

This new contemporary umpiring resource is designed to further support the development of beginner umpires at the grassroots level.

Netball Australia recognises that across the country and for many years, club and association umpire educators have developed and implemented highly successful beginner umpire programs.

These programs and initiatives are the backbone of Australia’s umpiring system and create opportunities for umpires to progress through the national pathway.

The Community Umpire Toolkit has been developed with the umpire educator in mind – umpire coaches and umpire convenors – and is Netball Australia and Netball World Cup 2015 SYDNEY’s way of saying thank you.

Each year in Australia, more than 1000 umpires are awarded their `C’ badge accreditation, which is testament to the work of the umpire educators, working tirelessly and selflessly to develop others for the betterment of netball in Australia.

The toolkit has been designed to assist umpire educators to deliver fun, interactive umpire education sessions that teach the rules of netball to new umpires and for new umpires to learn how to apply them in a practical, games-based environment.

A key feature of the Community Umpire Toolkit is that it has been designed to support and complement existing beginner umpiring programs and initiatives or provide resources for umpire educators to develop an introduction to umpiring program for the first time.

Renowned NSW umpire Sharon Kelly is the ambassador for the Community Umpire Toolkit.

“The role of the umpire educator is crucial to the success of all umpiring programs at any club or association,” Kelly, who has umpired more than 100 international Tests, said.

“We know our umpire educators are highly skilled and dedicated and work tirelessly and selflessly to develop others for the betterment of our game in Australia.”

“We want to acknowledge the hard work the umpire educators across the country do week-in week-out – providing the Community Umpire Toolkit is our way of saying thanks.”

All activity cards from the Community Umpire Toolkit are also available for download from the Netball Australia website, and will shortly be available through Netball Australia’s Member Organisations for individuals, clubs or associations to purchase.

What’s inside the Community Umpire Toolkit?

Starter Guide: A step-by-step guide on how to utilise the Community Umpire Toolkit, including tips and suggestions on how to implement a beginner or introductory umpiring program.

Activity Cards: The Community Umpire Toolkit contains a collection of over 25 activity cards.

Umpire bingo!: A fun activity for the whole group to play. Uses questions from the Section 1 Theory Exam to test the knowledge of umpires.

Umpire memory: A fun game that tests an umpire’s knowledge and memory.

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Article courtesy of Netball Australia