New Official Rules to be introduced in 2016

All netball competitions and events held in Australia from the grassroots to the elite will play under the new Official Rules of Netball from January 1 2016.

In a meeting held at the Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015, the new rules were voted upon and approved by the International Netball Federation Congress, as part of the INF’s ‘Game Plan’ strategy.

“Whilst a number of changes have been mentioned in the media the final text will not be provided by the International Netball Federation (INF) until October,” Netball Australia Head of Community Strategy and Netball Development, Anne-Marie Phippard stated on the Netball Australia website.

Netball Australia, in partnership with the Member Organisations have a responsibility to educate and train its 1.2 million membership base on the new Official Rules of Netball.

To achieve this in a consistent, accurate and time efficient manner, Netball Australia will be developing an online training and education package that will be free and accessible to all.

“The purpose of this training module will be to ‘unpack’ each of the new rules and provide examples of what it looks like in action,” Ms Phippard said.

“It is important that we provide the resources and tools to support our members and ensure they are fully equipped to implement the new rules from 1 January 2016.

“Given Australia has the largest and membership base in the world, we believe the best way to achieve this is through access to online education.”

Work will commence on the training and education module once the final version of the rules are received from the INF.

Netball Australia will then work with key high performance stakeholders to develop a comprehensive summary of the changes and how they will affect umpires, coaches, players and bench officials.

It is anticipated that Netball Australia will have the new Official Rules of Netball book available for purchase by December 2015 and Netball Australia will be updating all other key resources, ready for implementation in early 2016.

Netball NSW will provide updates to our netball community as they become available from Netball Australia.

Article courtesy of Netball Australia