New Umpire Competencies Matrix


Netball Australia has developed an Umpire Badge Competencies Matrix that describes the knowledge, skills and techniques an umpire must demonstrate to achieve a specific badge level. These competencies are a continuum from basic level to expert execution. 

The Umpire Badge Competencies Matrix is supported by updated Practical Testing Sheets for each badge that outline the key assessable performance criteria for relevant to the badge level.

This resource has been developed to assist testers and umpires coaches understand the competency standards established for each badge level, and make their assessment based on the criteria provided.  It also clearly articulates the distinctions between the different badge levels, and the advancement in skill and understanding that an umpire must display in order to progress.

To access the document, Click HERE.

These changes will take effect from January 1, 2017 and Netball NSW will be conducting information sessions relevant to the above information in early 2017.

For further information please contact Netball NSW Umpire and Officials Coordinator Chris Hall via: Email: or Phone: (02) 9951 5007