Upskilled coaches to teach next crop

Netball NSW recently hosted a Netball Australia Presenter and Assessor Course, where selected coaches were invited to participate to become accredited coaching course presenters and assessors.

Held at the Anne Clark Centre on Sunday 17 August, 24 participants were invited from around the State to participate in the workshop hosted by Netball NSW Coach & Regional Academy Development Coordinator, Dianne Brown.

“It’s important that regional areas are self-sustainable and the quality of our metropolitan and regional presenters – both for Netball NSW and Netball Australia courses and programs – is of a high standard,” Brown said.

With this in mind, Brown sent an invite to specifically targeted coaches to attend the course including Regional Academy of Sport Head and Assistant Coaches, as well as a selection of emerging and newly accredited Advanced level coaches, in order to assist them on their development pathway.

“We also invited a select group of regional grassroots coaches to attend the course, affording them not only professional development but also the opportunity to network with their colleagues from around the State,” Brown said.

“This was a strategic plan in order to upskill these coaches, enabling them to return to their community and continue to pass on their knowledge and experience to their local coaches, in turn continuing the great work being done in our community.

“Our aim at Netball NSW is to continue to improve the standard of coaching in this State, by providing a structured pathway for the education of our talent and experienced coaches who are the educators and role models of the next generation of fantastic coaches and athletes.

“Upskilling these coaches as presenters and assessors is a small step that will go a long way in helping us reach this goal,” Brown concluded.

If you, your Club or Association is interested in any of the Netball Australia and/or Netball NSW Coaching Programs and Workshops, contact Dianne Brown for more information on (02) 9951 5000 during business hours.