West/Central West umpires receive special visit

It wasn’t just the players who were tested and challenged during the first two days of the GrainCorp Regional State League – West/Central West, contested over the weekend at Orange Netball Association.

Eleven local umpires were given real-time mentoring from both National ‘A’ Badge umpire Duncan Lang and Netball NSW Umpire & Officials Development Coordinator Jan Simpson.

Lang attended matches on Sunday 21 July while Simpson attending over the weekend, Sunday 4 August, with both experienced officials offering West/Central West umpires valuable coaching and mentoring throughout the day.

Regional Coordinator – West/Central West Mardi Aplin said it was a wonderful learning opportunity for umpires having identities such as Lang and Simpson on hand.

“For umpires in the West/Central West, it is fantastic that they get to be mentored by these wonderful umpires.  Normally to be exposed to this level of experience umpires would have to travel to Sydney Metropolitan, so having the mentoring program come to them is a fantastic opportunity,” Aplin said.

“The umpires who attended GrainCorp State League also thrived on officiating games of a higher standard than club games at their respective Associations, giving them a chance to really test themselves and develop as an umpire.”

All seven regions across the State have received Netball NSW mentoring, both umpiring and coaching, during their Regional State League competitions.  Netball NSW is also offering an umpire from each of the regions to accompany their winning side to the Inter-Regional State League competition, being contested at the Anne Clark Centre on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September, to receive further mentoring and continue their development pathway.