Hastings Valley NA receives ClubGRANTS

Netball NSW is pleased and proud to share the latest news from Hastings Valley Netball Association and local netball community, with the announcement today of a $919,028 grant to be spent on a redevelopment of the Macquarie Park Netball Courts thanks to the NSW Government ClubGRANTS category 3 scheme.

Hastings Valley Netball Association President Helen Miles, along with a number of local netballers and representatives of Netball NSW were on hand for the announcement by Member for Port Macquarie Leslie Williams, which took place at the local courts, Macquarie Park, today at 11am.

The redevelopment will be a huge boost to the local netball and sporting community, and one which Helen Miles and the Hastings Valley Netball community, could not be more proud.

“I think that everyone is absolutely blown away by the announcement …we just keep thinking, does things as wonderful as this, really happen to people like us?” said a jubilant Miles.

“We are stoked, and importantly we are most grateful to all the people that gave assistance in putting together our grant submission”.

When asked what the grant will means for the association Helen explained that it will change the experience of netball locally, making it even more appealing as a sport to play in the local area.

“The refurbished courts means that families won’t need to get to the courts at 7.30am in the morning to start games – we can adjust our schedules, plus trainings – and we won’t need to worry about the court conditions – this will give us a much more enjoyable flow of netball.  We will have top quality and safe courts that everyone can rely on, plus making our facilities more accessible and functional for everyone.”

“We really feel that this will drive further interest in the sport…this grant is like a lifeline for our Netball Association – our netball will be much more sustainable and will really help us to grow the sport  and grow the sporting the areas” concluded Miles.


The official release from the Office of Leslie Williams: HASTINGS VALLEY NETBALL SCORES NSW GOVERNMENT GRANT

Almost $1 million from the NSW Liberals & Nationals Government will be spent on a major redevelopment of the Macquarie Park netball courts including an upgrade of the playing surface, new disabled access toilet and clubhouse improvements.

Member for Port Macquarie Leslie Williams joined Hastings Valley Netball Association President, Helen Miles and local netball players to announce the successful $919,028 grant through the ClubGRANTS Category 3 scheme.

“The netball facilities at Macquarie Park are well-loved and without question in need of an upgrade with some courts almost unusable because of the deterioration of the playing surface,” Mrs Williams said.

“This redevelopment is a major win for the local netball community with 150 teams and 1200 players using this facility.

“The NSW Government is focused on increasing participation in sport and recreation and our region deserves this investment,” Mrs Williams said.

Deputy Premier Troy Grant said the NSW Government is committed to enhancing local facilities to meet the needs of thriving regional communities.

“I look forward to the local community enjoying this first-class sporting precinct that will be home to the region’s sporting stars now and well into the future,” Mr Grant said.

“This significant upgrade to Macquarie Park is a terrific boost to the region and well-deserved by the passionate netball community.

“The NSW Liberals & Nationals government is delivering on its election commitment to focus Category 3 ClubGRANTS on community sports and cultural facilities and disaster preparedness and relief projects,” Mr Grant said.