2015 Presidents Forum wrap

On Sunday 12 July, Netball NSW held its annual Presidents Forum at the governing body’s new centre of excellence, Netball Central, Sydney Olympic Park.

28 Associations were represented, where attendees were updated on a range of Netball NSW matters, plus there were a number of presentations made by both the Board and Executive of Netball NSW on pertinent topics such as; High Performance Pathways, Association Governance, MyNetball, the structure of existing and future competitions, and there was a workshop session on “Vision 2020” – the strategic direction of Netball NSW over the next five years.

“The annual Netball NSW Presidents Forum provides an important platform where Netball NSW and the Member Associations can come together to communicate and collaborate for the benefit of the sport in NSW,” said Netball NSW President Wendy Archer AM.

“While we continue to experience record participation in NSW, the sports environment is a very competitive space, and as custodians of netball it’s important we continue to challenge ourselves to support sustainable growth across all areas of our sport.

“During Sunday’s Forum we covered a wide range of topics, leading to engaging discussion from all in attendance, which will continue until we next meet at November’s Council Meeting,” concluded Archer.

Notes and presentations from Sunday’s Presidents Forum will be available on the “Forums Discussion” section of the Netball NSW website in the coming days.