Country girl Lauren loves netball on and off court

Throughout ‘Volunteer Week’, Netball NSW is turning the spotlight on our amazing helpers by highlighting the important work our volunteers do in the netball community.

Today, features a young lady who contributes to the NSW Swifts as a Game Day Volunteer, but was also Vice-Captain of the 2013 NSW 17/U Team – Lauren Yager.

This is Lauren’s first year as a Swifts Volunteer after she made the big move from her hometown of Lismore to Sydney to continue working hard at her netball and to finish her Year 12 HSC studies with Westfield Sports High School.

Lauren says she stumbled across an advert calling for volunteers on the Netball NSW website and thought it was fantastic idea to get involved behind-the-scenes in the sport she so loves.

“I really love netball and when I saw the ad, I thought it would be really great to get involved and meet new people, especially since I had just moved down to Sydney,” Lauren said.

“I love that I can be involved in the Swifts on Game Day, seeing how it all happens behind-the-scenes and feeling like I’ve helped out a little.”

“I would definitely recommend to anyone – netball tragic or ‘newbie’ – to sign up as a Swifts Game Day Volunteer; it’s a lot of fun and we have the nicest group of people working together!”

Lauren has already experienced lots of different game day activities, acting as Sporty Swift’s chaperone in Round One and as front of house door duty in Round 4.  As a netball player herself, Lauren says it’s eye-opening to see how much effort goes into setting up for a game day.

“People are there for hours beforehand to prepare for just 60 minutes of netball – it’s a huge effort and a great experience for me to understand that side of the game.”

Speaking of her own netball experiences, Lauren missed out on helping at the Mother’s Day clash between Swifts and Melbourne Vixens as she was attending the Australian 17/U camp at the AIS. After being selected in the NSW 17/U for the second consecutive year, it was Lauren’s goal to make the Australian 17/U squad at the conclusion of the Nationals tournament.

Lauren says she was “ecstatic” after being announced in the Australian underage squad to have the chance to learn from some of the best coaches in the coaches.

“To be able to learn from coaches like Lisa Alexander (Australian Diamonds Head Coach), Carol Byers (Australian 21/U Head Coach) and Stacey West (Australian 17/U Head Coach) is a really terrific opportunity for me as a young player, and I’m just hoping I can learn as much as I can in the four days,” Lauren told Netball NSW before she left.

Netball NSW would like to assist Associations and Clubs to celebrate the fantastic volunteers in the community with a Certificate of Recognition.

Certificates of Recognition are available for volunteers who have provided Associations and Clubs with service from five years and upwards (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40…yes even 45 or 50 years!).

Submit your forms prior to Friday 7 June to ensure you have ‘Thank You’ certificates to present at the end of the netball season.

Join in and show your appreciation for the volunteers that support your Associations and Clubs.