Diamonds and Ferns Add Wins

The Australian Diamonds and New Zealand Silver Ferns have added to their winning list, after easily defeating England and South Africa respectively in today’s 2012 Holden Netball Quad Series fixture at TECT Arena in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Australia 57 def England 35

The Diamonds have defeated England for the second time in the Quad Series, with 2012 QBE NSW Swifts Most Valued Player Susan Pratley running out for the green and gold in her 50th international test match.

It was Pratley who opened the score in her milestone match, slotting the first three goals before England could answer after five minutes of play.  The players set the tone for a physical and hard-fought contest from the very first centre pass as both teams opted for one-on-one defence.

England found it hard to settle into the match as they clocked up six turnovers for the quarter, which proved costly as the Diamonds took a five goal lead into the first break, 12-7.

The Australians put their foot down in the second quarter, moving the ball quickly down the court to give their shooters plenty of possession.  Defending duo GK Bianca Chatfield and GD Rebecca Bulley worked in tandem with the midcourt to keep the English shooters to just ten scoring opportunities for the quarter.

With GS Catherine Cox and GA Pratley having double the scoring opportunities to their English counterparts, the Australians were able to extend their lead into the half-time break, 29-16.

Australia made just one change for the start of the second half, bringing on NSW Swift Mo’onia Gerrard to WD, while England made plenty of changes across the court; Rose Allison came off the bench to GS moving Jo Harten to GA and Pamela Cookey to WA.  Vice-captain Sara Bayman moved to C and Serena Guthrie to WD, however after an injury timeout seven minutes into the quarter they swapped back.   

The changes did little to stem the Aussies dominance on the match, with the Diamonds continuing to put on strong defensive pressure and extend their lead.  An injury timeout called by Cox late in the quarter resulted in Caitlin Bassett come onto GS and England’s Sasha Corbin come onto C.  

Despite all the changes, the Diamonds were able to extend their lead to 21 goals into the final break, 46-25.

Head Coach Lisa Alexander made further changes for the final quarter, bringing Renae Hallinan back onto WD, moving Gerrard to GD, while Erin Bell came onto GA to play her first match of the Quad Series on kiwi soil.  The Aussies continue to push, forcing England to create turnovers and feed plenty of ball to their shooters.

Captain Natalie von Bertouch, coming back from an ankle injury, hit the deck hard with five minutes left in the match to see more changes to the Aussie line-up; Hallinan moved to cover C, Gerrard went back to WD and Chanel Gomes came on for the first time in the match to GD.

Despite the large number of positional changes Australia were able to post a 22 goal victory over England and their fifth consecutive win in the Quad Series.

New Zealand 63 def South Africa 24

The Silver Ferns have put on a dominant show days ahead of their Diamonds clash, defeating South Africa by 39 goals in the second match of today’s international double-header.

New Zealand set the tone from the first whistle, dominating the run of play and the scoreboard.  It took the South African shooters some time to settle into the match, with an early substitution with GA Chrisna Bootha coming off for Maryka Holtzhausen to pair up with GS Melissa Myburgh.

The change brought the Proteas first goal after more than six minutes of match play, and set up the Silver Ferns to take a commanding lead into the first break, 18-5.

The second quarter saw Bootha come back onto GS, while an early injury timeout from GK Katrina Grant saw the keeper subbed off for Leana de Bruin to take the court in front of her home fans.  The second quarter played out much as the first, with the kiwis dominating the tone of the match.

Despite keeping the Silver Ferns to five less goals, South Africa could only put on another five goals, which saw the kiwis extend their lead into the big break, 31-10.

Both teams made positional changes leading into the second half – New Zealand brought on Cathrine Latu to GS, Jodi Brown to GA and Anna Harrison to WD, while Karla Mostert came onto GD for South Africa.  The changes did little to disrupt the Silver Ferns dominance on the match, with the kiwis again extending their lead into the final break, 47-15.

Wai Taumauna made further changes to her Silver Ferns team for the final quarter, bringing on Bailey Mes to WA while moving Camilla Lees to C, and bringing Grant back to GK while moving de Bruin to GD.  Meanwhile Proteas captain Amanda Mynhardt came back onto GD to try to lift her team.

However the damage was done and the goal margin too great for the Proteas to chase, with New Zealand posting a 39 goal victory over South Africa.

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores

AUS Q1: 12 – Q2: 29 (17) – Q3: 46 (17) – Q4: 57 (11)
ENG Q1: 7 – Q2: 16 (9) – Q3: 25 (9) – Q4: 35 (10)

NZ Q1: 18 – Q2: 31 (13) – Q3: 47 (16) – Q4: 63 (16)
SA Q1: 5 – Q2: 10 (5) – Q3: 15 (5) – Q4: 24 (9)

Shooting Statistics
AUS: 57/73 @ 78%
Catherine Cox: 22/28 @ 79%
Susan Pratley: 24/28 @ 86%
Caitlin Bassett: 7/12 @ 58%
Erin Bell: 4/5 @ 80%

ENG:  35/44 @ 79%
Jo Harten: 24/30 @ 80%
Pamela Cookey: 4/4 @ 100%
Rosie Allison: 7/10 @ 70%

NZ: 63/73 @ 86%
Irene van Dyk: 21/23 @ 91%
Maria Tutaia: 10/14 @ 71%
Cathrine Latu: 27/27 @ 100%
Jodi Brown: 5/9 @ 56%

SA: 24/41 @ 58%
Melissa Myburgh: 4/6 @ 67%
Chrisna Bootha: 15/24 @ 63%
Maryka Holtzhausen: 5/11 @ 46%

Teams Starting Positions
GS Catherine Cox (vc)
GA Susan Pratley
WA Madison Browne:
C Natalie von Bertouch (c)
WD Renae Hallinan
GD Rebecca Bulley
GK Bianca Chatfield

GS Jo Harten
GA Pamela Cookey (c)
WA Sasha Corbin
C Serena Guthrie
WD Sara Bayman (vc)
GD Ama Agbeze
GK Eboni Beckford-Chambers

GS Irene van Dyk
GA Maria Tutaia
WA Camilla Lees
C Laura Langman (vc)
WD Kayla Cullen
GD Casey Williams (c)
GK Katrina Grant

GS Melissa Myburgh
GA Chrisna Bootha
WA Nadia Uys
C Bongiwe Msomi
WD Zanele Mdodana (vc)
GD Amanda Mynhardt (c)
GK Vanes-Mari du Toit