FAN DAY brings coaching legend to Sydney

While Swifts Members and friends took in all the action at the inaugural NSW Swifts FAN DAY, and NSW National ‘A’ Badge umpires attended a camp facilitated by netball legend Maureen Boyle OAM, coaches were also treated to a unique opportunity behind the scenes to learn from one of the world’s best.

Former Australian coach and IFNA coaching panellist Jill McIntosh facilitated a special ‘Insiders Series’ workshop to 10 High Performance and Elite coaches from around NSW.  The workshop incorporated the Exhibition Match between NSW Swifts and Melbourne Vixens, in which all participants were expected to provide intense analysis in both pre-match and post-match discussions.

Dianne Brown, Coach Development Coordinator for Netball NSW, said even before the workshop began the coaches were asked to do their homework.

“Jill (McIntosh) asked the participants to come prepared on Sunday with a comprehensive assessment of both the NSW Swifts and Melbourne Vixens … this included their strengths and weaknesses, and also who the coaches predicted would be named in the starting line-ups,” Brown said.

“The exercise was a great way to involve some practical assessments into the workshop and also provided some great discussions to kick-start the day.”

NSW Swifts Head Coach Lisa Beehag visited the group in the morning to discuss her preparations for the Exhibition Match, including a preview into her game plan; although Lisa made sure she didn’t give too much away to the coaches!

“Lisa was really fantastic presenting to the group, and also taking the coaches questions … it certainly gave us a different perspective when watching the game,” Brown commented.

During the match the coaches were broken into groups to provide detailed analysis of the different areas of the court – defence, midcourt and attack – and changed each quarter.  At the end of the match the group returned to their function room to discuss the match in detail.

“The Exhibition Match debrief lasted longer than the game itself – three hours!  But the discussions that resulted from the coaches’ observations were really in-depth and Jill was great in letting those conversations happen organically,” said Brown.

“It was a really unique opportunity for these High Performance coaches to learn from one of the best coaches in the world and I can’t thank Jill enough for assisting us with the workshop.”

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