Having fun the key for Regional volunteers

Throughout ‘Volunteer Week’, Netball NSW is turning the spotlight on our amazing helpers by highlighting the important work our volunteers do in the netball community.

Today, netballnsw.com features some fantastic ladies who lend a hand to help grow and support netball in regional NSW.

Teressa Coughlan has spent her whole life at the netball courts.  She grew up playing and as she got older, became more involved in the organisation behind the scenes.  Now at Blayney Netball Association in the West/Central West region, one of Teressa’s main responsibilities is coordinating the Association’s participation in the State Age Championships.

“I’m really passionate about giving the young kids an opportunity to play, especially State Age. Coming from a small country town, I like to show the girls no matter where you come from, you can have the opportunity to play,” Teressa said.

Teressa admits she comes from a “family of doers” and followed in her mum’s footsteps by becoming involved as a committee member. She has kept that family tradition alive by convincing her sister to help on the Blayney Board of Executives, and juggles her commitments by also finding time to coach her daughter and niece’s junior teams, as well as umpiring.

“It’s a lot of hard work, but I just love it! The friendships that I have formed over the years, not just at Blayney, but with people from other Clubs and Associations that you see at Carnivals and events, will last a lifetime. It’s important to me to ensure that the younger generation can have as much fun playing as I did,” claimed Teressa.

Another volunteer you can find at the netball courts every Saturday is Kay Peters.  Each weekend Kay is on hand to help the Pink Panthers have some fun out on court at Gosford Netball Association.

The Pink Panthers are a special team made up of players with a disability, who every week plays against teams in the 14 year old division.  Kay, along with her good friend Lydia Reynen and Lydia’s daughter Crystal, are at the courts every weekend to ensure the team has some fun.

“It’s a great feeling to see the Pink Panthers enjoy playing netball every week; it’s a rewarding experience to see them have fun,” said Kay.  

“Lydia and Crystal are the real organisers – they told me about what they were doing and, having previous experience as a teacher’s aide with a special disability school, jumped at the chance to help.”

“We have six players for this season however we would love to have many, many more so eventually we can have two or three teams that can participate! It would be fantastic to see that happen,” Kay concluded.

If you’re interested in signing up to the Pink Panthers, or would like more information on this team, please contact Gosford Netball Association.

Netball NSW would like to assist Associations and Clubs to celebrate the fantastic volunteers in the community with a Certificate of Recognition.

Certificates of Recognition are available for volunteers who have provided Associations and Clubs with service from five years and upwards (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40…yes even 45 or 50 years!).

Submit your forms prior to Friday 7 June to ensure you have ‘Thank You’ certificates to present at the end of the netball season.

Join in and show your appreciation for the volunteers that support your Associations and Clubs.