Monday magic for Div 3 Champs Blue Mountains

2016 DOOLEYS Metro League Division 3 winners

Blue Mountains have claimed the 2016 DOOLEYS Metro League Division 3 title against a spirited Campbelltown District outfit, who almost produced the comeback on the season to emerge victorious.

Leading for the entire game Blue Mountains 43-40 victory did not come easy after meeting a plucky Campbelltown outfit in the second half; their 10-goal lead narrowed down to just one goal.

Both teams displayed strong defensive pressure to open the match but a bit of Monday night magic from the Blue Mountains helped them stamp their authority early in the piece.

They piled on the goals with the circle defenders doing well to create turnovers – which their shooters dutifully converted. But Campbelltown weren’t going down without a fight, even facing a six goal deficit at half-time.

Putting their foot down and finding some much needed momentum Campbelltown rallied together to come up with some game changing turnovers which saw them produce an astonishing third quarter comeback.

This stunning turn of events saw Blue Mountains on the back foot; however they never relinquished their lead. With their opposition throwing everything at them, the eventual Champions weathered a courageous storm which saw Campbelltown get as close as one goal.

The crowd rode every passage of play, willing their teams to lift an extra gear. It was anyone’s guess who would finish on top. But after an extremely tense and physical final quarter it was the Blue Mountains who proved too strong, holding on to finish three goal victors.

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores:
CAMPBELLTOWN DISTRICT | Q1: 8 – Q2: 19 (9) – Q3: 30 (11) – Q4: 40 (10)
BLUE MOUNTAINS | Q1: 14  – Q2: 26  (9) – Q3: 35 (9) –Q4: 43 (8)

Shooting Statistics
BLUE MOUNTAINS: 43/61 @ 71%

Starting Line-ups
CAMPBELLTOWN DISTRICT | GS: Kathryn Haynes, GA: Emma Reh, WA: Emma Isaacson, C: Arielle Kuilder, WD: Briannon Toogood, GD: Alexandra Kuilder, GK: Natalya Tofa.

BLUE MOUNTAINS | GS: Dianna Haggerty, GA: Samantha Ryan, WA: Kendra Culshaw, C: Kara Cummins, WD: Alyssa Cook, GD: Ashleigh Scott, GK: Ashley Eastwood.