Netball Central: Full steam ahead

Construction of Netball NSW’s new Centre of Excellence, Netball Central, is nearing the end with the completion of many ‘big’ jobs – including the massive roofing sheets being installed.  The project team is now turning their attention to the building’s aesthetics.

With the central ‘hub’ structure complete, trimmings such as installation of carpet and windows, as well as painting has already taken place with contractors soon beginning joinery work for the kitchen, and installation of work stations.

Netball NSW General Manager – Strategy and Governance Megan Simpson says while the big projects are coming to an end, the little trimmings are beginning to gain momentum.

“Structurally the key milestones are the roof being finished, the floor being laid and the cladding being installed.  The remaining elements are finishes, for example tradesmen coming in to re-check all the work for defects, as well as making the building fit our brand,” Simpson said.

“While there is no definitive date for completion, we are tracking well and moving full steam ahead.  We have started the long process of packing our offices at the Anne Clark Centre and we are excited by the progress of Netball Central.”

With so much happening on-site, here is a small review on some of the bigger projects…

For anyone who has driven past recently, you’ll have noticed that the big metal sheets (Aramax) have been secured to the top of the roof.  Workers are currently finishing the installation of sky lights and once done, will begin work on the ceiling and high level finishes.  Once that’s complete the building will be ‘watertight’, meaning work can commence on the interior of the building.

Once the building is watertight, the timber floors for the courts can begin installation.  The timber is arriving on-site in the coming weeks, however it will need to sit for a period of acclimatization before being laid, which can take place as the workers focus on making the building watertight, before turning their attentions to the floor.  Once laid, the floors will be sanded and polished ready for visitors.

The elite change rooms are being fitted with lockers and lighting has been installed in all the change rooms around the building.  Meanwhile items such as cubicles and vanities are seeing the rooms begin to take shape.

While there is plenty of activity happening inside the building, work will also begin on the forecourt outside in the public surroundings.  Trees will soon be transplanted together with landscape work commencing on the building surrounds.  Once approved, our signage will be installed which will finish the forecourt area and external look of the building.



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This project is funded by the Australian Government, Communities NSW – Sport and Recreation, Sydney Olympic Park Authority and Netball NSW.

The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of Communities NSW – Sport and Recreation.