Netball NSW Alumni

Netball NSW has a very proud and rich history. Since the formation of the New South Wales Women’s Basket Ball Association on 4 July 1929, the State has been represented by thousands of players, coaches and officials.

Netball NSW Alumni, currently headed up by current NSW Swifts & Diamonds’ shooter Susan Pratley, is wishing to make contact with all former representatives.

If you’re a former Player, Coach or Official who has represented New South Wales at;

· National level with a NSW 17/19/21/Opens State Team

· Esso League Team (1989-1990) with Sydney Pulsar or Sydney Tigers

· Mobil League Team (1991 – 1996) with the Sydney Pulsars, Sydney Cenovis, Sydney Electricity Hotshots, Sutherland Pumas, Sydney Energy Australia

· Commonwealth Bank Trophy (1997 – 2007) with the Sydney Sandpipers, Hunter Jaegers or Sydney Swifts

· Australian Netball League with the Netball NSW Waratahs or Netball NSW Blues; or

· ANZ Championship with the NSW Swifts

Netball NSW would like to invite you to complete the below registration form to ensure we can keep you aware of key netball events, reunions and happenings throughout the State.

Click here to complete the Netball NSW Alumni Registration Form or to update your details.

For further information on the Netball NSW Alumni, contact Susan Pratley on