Netball NSW supports NSW Health Campaign

Netball NSW has joined forces with NSW Health to launch the Finish with the Right Stuff Program which encourages kids not to undo all their healthy work by making the wrong choices after their game of weekend sport.

Nikki Horton, General Manager – Sport Development for Netball NSW, said the code wholeheartedly supports the goals of the Finish with the Right Stuff campaign.

“In 2013, Netball NSW had over 74,000 registered netballers aged 5-17, and in addition to promoting the health and social benefits of playing netball, we believe it is important to educate our netball community on the prevalence of childhood obesity and the need to make healthy food and drink choices,” Ms Horton said.

NSW Swifts Captain Kimberlee Green knows first-hand that champions need to watch what they eat and said leading a healthy lifestyle is not just about getting regular exercise but also about ensuring children consume healthy foods.

“After playing sport, whether it is at school or on the weekend, it’s really important children refuel their bodies with the right stuff. Not only does the body need this nutritious food to recover properly after exercise, it has long-term benefits,” Ms Green said.

Kimberlee Green along with AFL star Jude Bolton and NRL player Nathan Hindmarsh will feature in an eye catching visual and online campaign to encourage kids to make healthier choices when the whistle blows – just like they do.

“In addition to actively promoting the Finish with the Right Stuff campaign at targeted Netball NSW events, and through our digital and social media platforms, we are delighted that NSW Swifts’ Captain Kimberlee Green will be an official ambassador for this Statewide campaign,” Nikki Horton said.

The Finish with the Right Stuff program is part of the NSW Government’s comprehensive five year Healthy Eating Active Living Strategy – aimed at reducing overweight and obesity and improve the general health and wellbeing of the NSW population.

“In 2012, around half the adult population (49.7 per cent) in NSW were either overweight or obese. In 2010, 23.6 per cent of children between 5 and 17 years of age were classified as either overweight or obese in NSW,” Dr Jo Mitchell, Director of the NSW Centre for Population Health said.

“With the assistance of Netball NSW, NSW Health has already started working with four Netball Associations within the state to make healthier canteen options available for children, with plans in the pipeline to engage other Associations,” Nikki Horton said.

The advertisement featuring Kimberlee Green will be aired at home games during the remainder of the NSW Swifts 2014 ANZ Championship season.

To assist them in making sure their players are running on the right stuff, NSW Health is running 2.5 hour healthy canteen workshops for junior community Netball sporting clubs which sign up to the program.

Clubs will also receive a tool kit to help reinforce the finish with the right stuff message to their players – which will include campaign branded water bottles, canteen signage, black boards, water carriers, aprons and vests for coaching staff and referees.

As an added incentive, clubs who adopt the program are eligible to receive funding and other support such as merchandise.

“We challenge clubs to sign up, make a healthy change, then showcase what they’ve done to increase the availability of healthy food and drink choices to players and their parents by hosting a “Right Stuff Day” later in the season,” Dr Mitchell said.

Additional information on Finish with the Right Stuff can be found at the following link