NetballNSWTV: Oceania Netball Cup Highlights

It was a fun-filled two days of music, laughs and netball for the 2013 Oceania Netball Cup from September 25-26.

NSW Swifts’ Mo’onia Gerrard was happy the participants got into the spirit of the event.

“I was pretty pleased… to see all the kids and the parents here to support everyone. [The event] is for everyone to enjoy themselves, I know netball gets a little serious now and then, and this is a tournament just for everyone to be happy-go-lucky, have a good time,” Gerrard said.

Netball NSW Community Engagement Manager Kristy Guthrie said the mix of music, decorations, food and the participants made for a fun event.

“We had a fantastic turn out… the atmosphere has been phenomenal, the kids have been really great, awesome competition and to have [Mo’onia Gerrard] along is lots of fun and that is what it is all about,” Guthrie said.

With smiles all around and players on opposing teams lending a helping hand and getting into the relaxed vibe of the event, NetballNSWTV brings you some of the highlights, including the full interview with Mo’onia Gerrard:


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