NSW one win, one loss in opening round

NSW have opened the 2015 National Netball Championships with a win and a loss with both NSW 17/U and 19/U Teams featuring in matches to open their respective age-group’s competitions.

The 17/U State Team recovered from a nervous start to post an impressive 31-23 victory over Western Australia, whilst the 19/U side fell to Victoria, 35-27, despite their efforts to come back – not once, but twice – from as many as five goals down.

Both NSW teams will be back on court for Round 2 this afternoon; the 17/U side take on South Australia at 3pm, whilst the 19/U side meets Australian Capital Territory at 5:30pm.

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17U Rd 1: NSW 31 d WA 23

It took some minutes before the first score was posted with first game nerves taking a toll on both team’s transitional play. WA looked to settle first, pulling out to a comfortable four goal lead. However NSW’s sharp shooting didn’t let them down to get the side back within even footing just shy of the first break.

WA again had the better start for the second 10 minutes, with their quick transitional play putting NSW on the back foot.  Circle defenders Lauren Moore and Teigan O’Shannassy did their best to limit WA’s shooters, however GS Rose Aryang’s impressive aerial skills proved hard to contain.

Still the Blues weren’t to be discouraged and in a mirror copy of the opening 10 minutes, worked hard to chase down the deficit to even the scores 12-12 at the half-time break.

It was a much more fluid start to the second half for NSW who bucked the trend by coming out firing for the third quarter.  The only change for the Blues was swapping shooters Tamara Black and co-Vice Captain Laura Towell to GS and GA, respectively, and having settled the nerves began to pull away on the scoreboard.

Midcourters Tayla Fraser and Captain Kristen Kessler in particular showed a steadied hand in feeding some beautiful balls for their shooters to capitalise on the scoreboard.  But it was a supreme defensive effort from the Blues – led in part by co-Vice Captain Lauren Moore taking three intercepts for the quarter – that saw NSW hit a handy lead at the final break.

Whilst staring at an eight goal deficit early in the final quarter, WA weren’t to be discouraged; with the attackers putting on the pressure to limit the fast pace of NSW’s transitional play, they created turnovers which their shooters were able to capitalise. With under three minutes left on the clock, WA had got back within four goals and were looking dangerous.

However it would be as close as they could get with NSW holding strong to claim an opening round win and start their 2015 campaign off on a positive note.

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
NSW│ Q1: 6 – Q2: 12 (6) – Q3: 23 – (11) – Q4: 31 (8)
WA│ Q1: 6 – Q2: 12 (6) – Q2: 16 (4) – Q4: 23 (7)

Shooting Statistics
NSW: 31/44 @ 70%
L. Towell: 20/26 @ 77%
T. Black: 11/18 @ 61%

WA: 23/32 @ 72%
R. Aryang: 11/14 @ 79%
M. Millar: 12/18 @ 67%

Starting Line-ups
NSW│ GS Laura Towell (co-VC), GA Tamara Black, WA Kristen Kessler (C), C Tayla Fraser, WD Kirra Jones, GD Lauren Moore (co-VC), GK Teigan O’Shannassy.
WA│ GS Rose Aryang, GA Morgan Millar, WA Helen Taylor (C), C Keely Fitzpatrick, WD Tayler Macleod, GD Zoe Fisher, GK Olivia Lewis.

Positional Changes
NSW│ Q3 – GS Black, GA Towell.
WA│ Q3 – WA Abilgail Dargan, C Taylor, GD Lily Jooste.

19U Rd 1: NSW 27 d by VIC 35

It was a competitive start to the 19/U Nationals with NSW and VIC writing the next chapter in their States’ rivalry.  Head Coach Briony Akle decided to begin strongly, starting all four 2014 Australian underage representatives for their campaign opener – Toni Anderson (19/U), Amy Parmenter, Claire O’Brien and Captain Kiera Austin (17/U).

The ploy worked to begin with as NSW opened a small yet handy lead over the visitors.  But with NSW keeper Ashley Valeni giving away 14cm to her opponent, GS Emma Ryde-Coad, the VICs pounced on the discrepancy to take a three goal lead into the first break.

NSW weren’t to be discouraged with midcourters Parmenter and Nationals debutant Olivia Lennon working hard to assist their circle defenders. Halfway through the second quarter the Blues were back within two goals with Parmenter really injecting herself into the game with two critical intercepts.

The possession gains saw NSW even the scoreboard, with VIC calling a timeout hoping to limit the haemorrhage of goals against them. The tactic looked to help, with NSW slipping to a two goal deficit at half-time.

Akle made her first changes, bringing on two players from her bench for the second half – Maddie Woods at C, moving Lennon to WA, whilst Emily Moore made her Nationals debut when given the GS bib.  NSW were able to get back on equal footing with the side’s getting locked in a see-sawing battle of trading goals.

The deadlock came halfway through the quarter with VIC putting up five consecutive goals to pull out a handy lead; it was the Blues’ turn to call time to stop the goal-run against them. In the end VIC won the third quarter 10 goals to six to extend their lead at the final break.

Staring at a six-goal deficit and 10 minutes left in the match, Akle brought on 2013 Australian 17/U representative Elyssa Pierce to WA while swapping her shooters; Moore in GA and Austin in GS. The changes looked to invigorate the side, however wayward passes took the pressure off VIC.  With the clock counting down NSW were unable to get past the magic five goal mark with VIC claiming an opening round 35-27 victory.

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores
NSW│ Q1: 6 – Q2: 14 (8) – Q3: 20 (6) – Q4: 27 (7)
VIC│ Q1: 9 – Q2: 16 (7) – Q3: 26 (10) – Q4: 35 (9)

Shooting Statistics
NSW: 27/30 @ 90%
C. Linaker: 6/7 @ 86%
K. Austin: 18/20 @ 90%
E. Moore: 3/3 @ 100%

VIC: 35/38 @ 92%
E. Ryde-Coad: 28/29 @ 97%
S. Gooden: 7/9 @ 78%

Starting Line-ups
NSW│ GS Cristy Linaker, GA Kiera Austin (C), WA Claire O’Brien, C Olivia Lennon, WD Amy Parmenter (VC), GD Toni Anderson, GK Ashley Valeni
VIC│ GS Emma Ryde-Coad, GA Samantha Gooden, WA Tayla Honey, C Libby Birch, WD Casey Adamson (C), GD Victoria Honner, GK Jacqueline Newton

Positional Changes
NSW│  Q3 – GS Emily Moore, WA Lennon, C Maddie Woods; Q4 – GS Austin, GA Moore, WA Elyssa Pierce.
VIC│ Q2 – C Emily Browne; Q3 – GD Newton, GK Julia Smith.

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