Swifts Skills Session – Episode 1

During the 2013 ANZ Championship season, your favourite NSW Swifts players will be taking part in a new initiative for 2013, Swifts Skills Sessions.

Each Swifts Skills Sessions video will focus on a particular required netball skill, with NSW Swifts’ players demonstrating drills they do to improve this aspect of their game.

In Episode 1, Susan Pratley and Vanessa Ware demonstrate a number of floor drills they do to improve their overall ball skills.

Like all sports, netball adopts best practice from other sports to use during training sessions. The main objective of the repetitive floor drills you’ll observe in Swifts Skills Sessions Episode 1 is to enhance the hand/eye coordination and reaction time.

Keep watching NSWSwiftsTV in 2013 for more Swifts Skills Sessions.