Vale Audrey Davis OAM

It’s with great sadness Netball NSW informs our community of the passing of former President Audrey Davis OAM on Sunday 15 June, 2014.

Audrey’s early background in netball commenced with an off-shoot from a soccer club – the Earlwood Basketball Club – which eventually joined an Association known at the time as the Western Suburbs Women’s Basketball Association. Audrey spent a number of years on their Executive in varying capacities, and whilst during her term as President was instrumental in that District affiliating with the NSW Women’s Basketball Association in 1962. Shortly thereafter Audrey was made a Life Member of the Western Suburbs Netball Association.

During the aforementioned years, Audrey took an active interest in managing teams and at the same time began her interest in umpiring, gaining her ‘B’ grade badge in 1969. It was at this time Audrey formed a strong friendship with Anne Clark, the then State President, and was persuaded to nominate for, and was later elected as, Junior Vice President of the NSW Netball Association. During her role as Junior Vice President, Audrey was a Member of the Founding Building Committee who was instrumental in the later development of the Anne Clark Centre. From 1973-1979, Audrey was elected to the position of Senior Vice President, where she was hostess to several visiting international teams. At the same time, due to distance, Audrey left Western Suburbs and joined the Northern Suburbs Netball Association where she was Senior Vice President for two years.

In 1980, Audrey succeeded Anne Clark BEM as the President of NSW Netball Association, a position she held until 1987.

In recognition of her contribution to the sport within NSW, Audrey was awarded with Life Membership of Netball NSW in 1985, and went on to receive the prestigious Order of Australia (OAM) for service to netball in the 2013 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

The Board, Staff and Members of Netball NSW would like to extend our condolences to Audrey’s family and friends for their loss, particularly Audrey’s loving daughter Loyce and dear friend Carol Phillips.