Women Leadership in Sport Forum

A Women Leadership in Sport Grant from the Australian Sports Commission enabled Netball NSW to host a weekend workshop for 40 Regional Academy of Sport(RAS) Coaches on 3-4 February at the Genea Netball Centre.

The goal of the Workshop was to significantly increase leadership abilities in RAS coaches and provide them with the confidence and skills to instil leadership potential in the girls that they coach.

Presenters included Kerry Turner and Julia Symons who encouraged the coaches to unleash their coaching potential and to reflect on the unconscious bias that often hinders inclusion and diversity in programs.

Mentor coaches Ali Broadbent, Coll Mitchell, Jaqua Heddle, Megan Anderson, Lenore blades, Amber Cross and Nardia McDonald gave practical guidance to the coaches.

NSW Swifts Captain Abbey McCullough spoke to the attendees about what it’s like from an athlete’s perspective receiving their coaching. Sharing her experience from being a junior athlete to now performing the top of her sport.

From the other side of the table, NSW Swifts Assistant Coach Anita Keelan shared her coaching wisdom and experience. Detailing how as a coach you can impact and shape the lives of growing athletes.

The workshop, the first of its kind was a wonderful success with Netball NSW receiving the below e-mail feedback from a participant.

“I wanted to thank you for a fantastic weekend, I came away thinking I can take on the world!”

“Both days were brilliant, mentors were great, guest speakers were amazing, the accommodation was beautiful and the company was lovely. I drove home with the biggest smile on my face after what was such an enjoyable weekend”.

“Thanks again for all your hard work putting everything together, I know I really appreciated it”.

If you would like to participate in future development workshops please e-mail Margaret Hamley, mhamley@netballnsw.com