Young NSW Netball Talent on Show in Canberra

The nation’s capital recently hosted the best upcoming netball talent from Sports Institutes and Academies around Australia for the SIS/SAS Challenge in Canberra.

A squad from the New South Wales Institute of SportEmerging Athlete Program attended the event, with NSW Swifts Assistant Coach Robert Wright taking charge of the twelve NSW players.

The unique round-robin style contest was held over three days at the Australian Institute of Sport, with teams from the Victorian Institute of Sport, South Australian Institute of Sport, Western Australian Institute of Sport and the ACT Academy of Sport.

Wright said the SIS/SAS Challenge was a unique opportunity for upcoming netballers to contest in matches in a relaxed environment.

“Unlike National Netball Championships, there are no results recorded from SIS/SAS so there is no added pressure on these girls to perform apart from wanting to play to their best ability,” Wright commented.

The NSWIS squad featured players from 14 to 17 years old, with a heavy emphasis on developing flexibility in young players.  Wright said it was a deliberate strategy to expose all 12 players in all six games played.

“I wanted every player in our team to have experience playing against every team we came up against,” Wright said.

“Every game we tried different combinations across the court…every athlete played in two or three different positions to extend them and give them experience in different areas.”

Congratulations to all NSW athletes and umpires who participated in the SIS/SAS Competition.

Billie Gurr
Chloe Saville
Georgia Marshall
Gloria Masiasomua
Isabella Keogh
Kristiana Manu’a
Lauren Yager
Madeline Hay
Tahlia Goodwin
Tanisha Stanton
Nirvarna Makings
Cristina Linaker