Getting back on court with Walking Netball

Netball NSW’s Walking Netball eight-week pilot programs are currently being undertaken across NSW and helping to energise and engage participants who have not been able to play netball in its traditional format.

Parramatta Walking Netball participant Jenny Hassett has so far enjoyed the first three sessions of the eight-week program.

“I’ve really missed playing team sport, I played basketball about eight years ago and I really miss that team and social environment.

“I played netball for years when I was younger, playing a range of mixed and indoor netball and then I got into basketball – so you know for most of my life I’ve played team sports. So when I stopped basketball I really missed that. Team sports just have such a buzz,” she said.

Almost halfway through the Walking Netball program, participants have been enjoying warm-up exercises and movement-based drills to become accustomed to the type of actions required to be involved.

“It’s been good getting my skills back, I haven’t really done much with netballs recently.

“The drills have helped me get my eye for the ball back and it’s good for my shoulders because they’ve started to stiffen up,” said Ms. Hassett.

Ms. Hassett, who is no stranger to activity and enjoys weekly gym classes, says that these Walking Netball classes provide a different sort of exercise than the gym.

“Even though I do things at the gym, Walking Netball offers different ways to move and it’s been really great,” she said.

With five weeks left of the Walking Netball pilot programs, participants can join for free at any stage during the program online here.