NSW State Government now requires all persons (aged 18+) commencing a new paid role working with children to apply on-line for a Working with Children Check and obtain a WWC Number.  From April 2015 all new volunteers will also be required to get the check and organisations have until March 2016 to ensure they comply with the verification process for existing volunteers and paid workers.

To download a Sports Club information brochure click here. The Office of the Childrens Guardian has also produced a sport specific factsheet which should answer some questions and can be downloaded here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a Working with Children Check?

Only child-related workers and volunteers need to apply for a Working with Children Check, however parents coaching or managing their own child’s team will be exempt.

What is child related work?

Child related work is face-to-face contact with children in a child-related sector, or work in a child related role. See Fact sheet 5 – What is child-related work?

When do volunteers or paid workers apply?

If you are starting in a new paid position, or will be a new volunteer for your Club and Association you will be required to apply for a WWCC before you start.  All paid workers and volunteers in a child related position will be required to have a check by 31 March 2016, including existing paid workers and volunteers.

Who is exempt from the WWCC?

  • Children under 18.
  • Volunteering by a parent or close relative with a team, program or other activity in which the child is participating or is a team member of. If the child is part of another team than that which you volunteer for you will be required to get a check completed.
  • Umpires, linesperson or otherwise as a sporting official or a grounds person is not child-related work, if the work does not ordinarily involve contact with children for extended periods without other adults being present.
  • Executive positions that do not require regular contact with young people.

Other examples include:

  • A visiting speaker, adjudicator, performer, assessor or other similar visitor at a school or other place where child-related work is carried out if the work of the person at that place is for a one off occasion and is carried out in the presence of one or more other adults
  • Work by an interstate visitor in a one-off event such as a jamboree, sporting or religious event or tour, if the event is the only child-related work carried out by the worker in NSW in that calendar year and the period of work does not exceed 30 days
  • Providing food or equipment at or for a sporting, cultural or other entertainment venue


The Office of the Children’s Guardian website contains an extensive amount of learning and support resources, online tutorials and supporting factsheets including:

In addition Netball NSW has produced some simple Step by Step guidelines to help individuals and organisations:

Step by Step recommendation

Individuals – How to apply

Clubs and Associations – Step by step compliance guide

Netball NSW has also produced a presentation which Associations can use for Club and member education purposes – Child Safe Power Point presentation

A template has been created to assist Associations and Clubs in recording verification details which can be downloaded here.

For more information

For enquiries about the Working with Children Check or help with an application contact the Office of the Children’s Guardian on 9286 7219 or email check@kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au.

For a general discussion and guidance contact Netball NSW Association Development Manager on 02 9951 5000.


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