Our Years 3/4 Gala Days are focused on participation, being active and having fun whilst playing netball.
They are open to students aged 8-10 years old and are the perfect opportunity to experience netball with modified NetSetGO rules without the pressures of competition. Years 3/4 Gala Days are held across the State and work as a great introduction to school netball before participating in the Netball NSW Schools Cup.

For convenience, these Gala Days are scheduled on the same day as local Schools Cup events to make it easier for schools to attend.


How they work:
-Schools can enter up to four (4) teams in one Gala Day per region (note: $30 entry per team)
-Teams must be made up of students in Years 3/4, and can be made up of all girls, or boys, or a combination of both (note: there is no girl:boy ratio)
-Scores may be kept throughout the day, although the focus is on participation and fun!
-Small Schools are encouraged to join together and enter a mixed team.

Netball NSW encourages Schools to use the Years 3/4 Gala Days as a precursor event so that students will be ready to participate in the Schools Cup competition down the track.

There are multiple Years 3/4 Gala Days held in each region.

Please click on the relevant region below to view upcoming Years 3/4 Gala Day locations and dates, as well as your local Regional Development Team contact details: