2021 Virtual Challenge FAQs

Find out everything you need to know about the inaugural Netball NSW Schools Cup 2021 Virtual Challenge in the Frequently Asked Questions below. 

2021 Virtual Challenge FAQs

No! The competition is completely free to register for and to get involved in!

There will be both a Primary and Secondary School competition open to any NSW School. Entries will be accepted via classes. There is no limit to the number of classes a School can enter. However, a student may only represent one class. 
It is suggested that for Secondary Schools classes could be entered as Homeroom or PE classes. 

The competition will start in Week 2, Term 4 and will conclude in Week 9, Term 4. It will run between Monday 11th October - Friday 3rd December, 2021. 
Teachers will be given access to all of the challenges in Week 1, Term 4 so they have the opportunity to plan accordingly for the challenges. 

Suncorp Super Netball (SSN) is the national netball league in Australia. Arguable the best netball competition in the world. 

There are eight (8) teams in the SSN and Netball NSW has two teams, the NSW Swifts and GIANTS Netball. The remaining teams are the Adelaide Thunderbirds, Melbourne Vixens, Queensland Firebirds,  West Coast Fever, Magpies Netball Club and the Sunshine Coast Lightning.

There will be SSN themed challenges across the 8 weeks of the Virtual Challenge. We encourage you and your class to re watch a few SSN games from the 2021 season as it may help you with challenges along the way! You can watch them for FREE on 9Now. 

The competition is designed so that it can be done entirely from home or in your classroom! Some challenges you may need class-mates to help you with, but as all the challenges are optional, if there’s one you can’t do, there will be different challenges you can try instead. 

There will be two booklets - one will contain all of the Primary School challenges and the other will have the High School challenges.
The Primary School challenges will cover a wide range of topics including, but not limited to:
Creative Arts
The High School challenges will cover both theory and practical aspects of the PDHPE curriculum, making it easier for teams to get together and complete them. 
Each fortnight 5 challenges will need to be completed and submitted by 5pm Friday. 

The points for each challenge completed will vary from challenge to challenge, some challenges will be worth more points and some less. The total points for each challenge will be made clear in the booklet. 

Even if you can’t finish an entire challenge activity, still submit it because you might still be able to get a couple of points for it! We will accept unfinished challenge submissions as long as they’re submitted before the deadline!

You will be sent the challenge booklet in the first week of term 4, one week before the competition starts. The competition will then commence in week 2, with challenges needing to be submitted every fortnight (weeks 3, 5, 7 & 9) on Friday at 5pm. We will accept late submissions over the weekend, but one point will be taken off for each day a challenge is submitted late. No challenges will be accepted after the next fortnight begins. 

You have the whole competition to submit the bonus challenges so you can take as much or as little time as you want to complete them as long as they’re submitted no later than Friday 3rd December.  

Yes of course! Classes are welcome to sign up at any stage of the competition. The only time limit on challenges is making sure to get them in by the end of each fortnight. We do recommend you register within the first 2 weeks of the competition so your team has the best chance possible at winning enough points! 

There are three easy ways you can submit your completed challenges:
1. Email our schools team at schools@netballnsw.com (e.g. word or PDF documents, photos and videos etc.)
2. Post them online (with permission, via a public profile) but make sure you tag #UpForTheChallengeNNSW21 and reference your class
3. Create and share a google drive folder with us! (please ensure this folder is shared with either our schools@netballnsw.com email OR ksapienza@netballnsw.com)

You may only enter one submission per challenge (if there are three challenges in a week, that will be a maximum of 3 possible entries - one per challenge).
There may be individual challenges which allow for one entry per class member, this will be clearly outlined on the Challenge Booklet. 

We would love for you to do more! We will be running a similar competition next year as part of our regular schools cup. If you are signed up this year your school will receive an email regarding next years competition!
Get in touch with our Schools Team via schools@netballnsw.com to find out how else we can bring Netball into your school or click the link below to find out more about our programs. 
We also have our traditional Schools Cup gala days that are full of fun and netball! Keep an eye out on our website for new dates and locations to be announced soon. 

Get in touch with our Schools Team via schools@netballnsw.com to find out how else we can bring Netball into your school
If you would like to get involved outside of school, you can search for your closest Club/Association via the link below. 

Absolutely, the more the merrier! We want everyone to be able to assist you with the challenges