Reconciliation Action Plan

Netball NSW acknowledges the various Traditional Custodians of the land across the wide netball landscape in NSW. The Aboriginal lands and waters on which we build our courts, clubhouses and facilities that are essential to our game are acknowledged as ancient and respected ground, and we acknowledge the significant and ongoing contribution of local Aboriginal communities throughout the Netball NSW community.

Netball NSW 2021-2022 Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

Netball NSW is proud to announce the launch of their Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), helping prepare the organisation for future RAPs and reconciliation initiatives.
Netball NSW's RAP is the first step in turning intentions into actions, where an understanding of the organisation's current position and efforts will guide the contribution to reconciliation of the nation.
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Netball NSW launched our first Reconciliation Action Plan with a 4-part webinar series exploring our RAP and the pillars within it further. Each week members of the RAP Working Group, Netball NSW Staff and key stakeholders within our netball community provided key insights and achievable takeaways to take back and implement within your netball club, association and community and take your steps toward reconciliation.


Webinar 1 - Together for Growth 

"to go out to key stakeholders in our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to connect & understand what is important to them and their communities" - Tain Drinkwater CEO Netball NSW

  • The RAP and it's actions are embedded in how we do business
  • Sport is a connection tool to open doors
  • We invite you to use our RAP to inform & educate your local Netball Community


Webinar 2 - Opportunities

"'s about the role we can all play and the contribution each of us can make in ensuring we can effect change in this space for our sport and for our women and girls. Please walk beside us so we can do this together." - Alison Tucker-Munro, Netball NSW RAP Working Group Member

  • Building a sense of understanding with your local Aboriginal community, valuing those connections and making it a priority to maintain them
  • Coach the person, not the athlete, get to know them and their family
  • Take the lead and take initiative - allies are important in taking on part of the responsibility, however, Aboriginal people still need to be at the table and a part of the decision making
  • Welcome, acknowledge and celebrate Aboriginal culture and how it can contribute to the way our sport can evolve


Webinar 3 - Relationships 

"having an opportunity where we could come together and celebrate community and culture and sport and all the things that we as Aboriginal people like to do in a competitive environment and where everyone is having fun and is comfortable." - Donna Cody, Project Officer, Indigenous Sport & Recreation - Office of Sport

  • Relationships play an integral part in ensuring events/programs are co-designed and community-driven for optimal outcome
  • Relationships extend beyond the organisers, the event brings together players, officials, volunteers and spectators from all walks of life who interact as we celebrate community and culture
  • Building trust and understanding in relationships allows for open and honest communication and learning


Respect - Tuesday 28th September 2021, 7:00pm

“It is where we start our common understanding, without respect there is no common ground, it is important that we have respect for one another and each other’s views on why an Indigenous round and acknowledging cultures is important” - Georgina Cohen, Lismore Bundjalarms Netball Club and Netball NSW RAP Working Group Member

  • Recognising and celebrating Aboriginal culture can help make players and their families feel valued and welcomed at Netball and meaningful conversations can be created through these opportunities
  • Understanding your goal, starting with small steps and the right intentions will take you further than trying to do it all at once
  • Respect, listen and get to know your local Aboriginal community, utilise the existing connections within your community and ensure your Aboriginal community are involved in planning


Acknowledging Our Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group

The Reflect RAP has been developed as a collaboration between the Netball NSW RAP Working Group and internal and external stakeholders. Netball NSW would like to extend their gratitude to the RAP Working Group Members for providing their insights and knowledge in the development of our first RAP:

  • Alison Tucker-Munro
  • Casey Ralph
  • Donna Coady
  • Georgina Cohen
  • Lauren Woods
  • Marcia Ella-Duncan OAM
  • Mardi Aplin
  • Professor John Evans
  • Whitney Skuthorpe

The Artwork

Together For Growth by Maree Bisby

Together For Growth symbolises the many dimensions and levels of the netball community. The use of traditional symbols such as footprints, rain, meeting place and watering hole, along with stars, and the universe shows the ability of all to dream and reach for their goals. Individually we can soar but in a team, we can reach higher. It takes all of the natural elements of the earth to connect to one another and to believe and achieve greatness.

The seven paths around the netball symbolise the seven players on the court with the symbols of man, woman and person again representing the netball community, inclusive of gender identity or fluidity. No path in life and success is straight, hence the curvature and direction of the path, leading to one’s own destiny. The path is off the canvas, to highlight that we each are members of the community and can influence each other in our own way. The brightness of the colours symbolise the fun and positivity of netball and the harmony and connection we all have.

Maree Bisby, is a proud Wiradjuri woman with family originating from the Mudgee Region. Bisby enjoys netball with family and friends in the Newcastle area, as both a player and parent.

Together For Growth