Netball NSW Membership

The Netball NSW community has over 115,000 members who play, coach, umpire, officiate, administer and just generally love this fantastic sport.

There are 114 Associations and over 800 Clubs across the State offering many opportunities to participate including Come and Try days, clinics, Woolworths NetSetGO introductory opportunities, social and competitive netball competitions to name a few.  To find your nearest Association or Club click here.

In order to participate in a Netball NSW affiliated Association/Competition and/or higher level courses, you must be a registered Member of Netball NSW.

2024 Netball NSW Membership Fees

The Netball NSW Membership is a membership fee paid by participants which allows you to be involved in Netball NSW affiliated competitions.



(6 month)

(3 month)


(6 month)
(3 month)

Woolworths NetSetGO

Non Player

All Abilities

1 Day fee

2024 Netball NSW Fee





$56.36 $31.87

$48.65 NNSW + $31.24 NA = $79.89




2024 Transaction Fee





$1.14 $0.65





2024 Total Netball NSW Fee in PlayHQ





$57.51 $32.51





2024 Netball Australia Fee





$4.49 $4.49





2024 Combined Netball NSW and Netball Aus





$62.00 $37.00





Definitions / Notes

  • Senior: participants have reached or will reach the age of 18 by 31 December in the year of play.
  • Junior: participants 17 years or under by 31 December in the year of play.
  • Woolworths NetSetGO: NA no longer place an age range on Woolworths NetSetGO registrations. This membership applies to anyone registering to a Woolworths NetSetGO format modified competition or skills program
  • All Abilities: Any person who holds a valid concession card for a disability pension and/or a member of Sport Inclusion Australia.
  • Non-Players include Volunteers, Coaches, Managers and Umpires (officials).
  • 1 day fee: To be utilised for Club/Association Competition fill in players, without current NNSW membership

Further information on Netball NSW Membership can be found in the FAQ 2024 Membership Changes

How your membership fee benefits you and the NSW netball community:

Creates a world class workforce

Your fees help provide modern and accessible training for hundreds of coaches, officials, umpires and volunteers every year to develop their skills & knowledge and make playing netball possible for thousands of people around New South Wales

Supports our Associations and Clubs

Your membership fees enable us to develop programs, products and resources for the network of Association and Clubs throughout New South Wales.  We work closely with our communities to deliver the resources needed which enables the success and growth of competitions around the state.

Netball NSW develops governance practices which ensure the best leadership for the affiliates. Policies, guidelines, standards and codes of conduct are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure players, coaches and umpires are protected, and the standard of netball delivered in NSW provides a first class experience for you, the player.

Netball NSW has invested in a dedicated team of Regional Managers across the state who are on the ground and available to assist our affiliates deliver first class netball competitions.

Membership also supports us in developing the capacity and capability of our people to help meet the ever-increasing needs of our community including:

  • Supporting clubs and Associations to use Netball Australia’s PlayHQ platform. This provides the convenience of registering online and allows you to easily check your fixtures, results and ladders on your phone.

  • Face-to-face and live webinar training on a wide range of topics like PlayHQ and Complaints Management

  • Play your way!

    Memberships help us to promote netball and raise awareness to the many ways people in our communities can be involved, your membership enables Netball NSW to develop and support programs such as:

    • NetSetGo that encourages children to become involved and learn the netball basics

    • Fast 5 – the fun, social and flexible way to play netball.

    • Walking Netball - is a modified version of netball designed for senior women and men - netball, but at a walking pace.

    • Inclusive Netball  – catering for people of all ages, genders, abilities and backgrounds
    • Pathway Competitions

    Netball NSW’s pathway competitions provides the ability for us to invest in the talent of the future and nurture the likes of players, umpires and coaches through the pathway.  Competitions such as Senior and Junior State Titles provides our associations the opportunity to compete in a crucial part of the Netball NSW Pathway with talent ID staff working to identify the athletes, umpires and coaches of our future.

    Facilities Development

    Netball NSW is proud to provide our netball Associations and Clubs, schools, facility investors and all levels of government a suite of resources to help inform and to better plan for the growth and development of our sport. Your support means we can look forward to continuing our partnerships with all these stakeholders, so that together we can continue to deliver high quality netball venues and facilities for our valued (and ever growing) netball community.

    Netball has been working with all levels of government and community stakeholders to ensure new netball developments meet current compliance and standards. We advocate for safe and compliant venues for our members and the local communities in which they serve.

    Insurance for your peace of mind

    Your membership fees pay for your $30 million public liability insurance and personal accident insurance. These insurance options have been exclusively designed to provide protection for you when you are involved in activities that are sanctioned by Netball Australia and all the state/territory associations (such as organised competitions, coaching clinics, official events, playing and training).

    It also pays for insurance to cover your club, competitions, leagues, associations and their officials and volunteers.