The HART Junior State Titles is a flagship event within the Netball NSW pathway. 
The 3 day tournament showcases the strength of grassroots netball with young players from all over the state coming together to play the game they love. 
Vision and Purpose

2022 Junior State Titles

2022 Junior State Titles Dates

Saturday 2nd July - Monday 4th July

2022 Junior State Titles Venues

14U, 13U, 12U Divisions 1 & 2 - Penrith District Netball Association

14U, 13U, 12U Divisions 3 & 4 - Baulkham Hills Shire Netball Association


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Competition Information

Entries Open: 28 March
Entries Close: 6 May

Competition Entry Fee - $340.00 (incl. GST) per team

Team Tent Hire (incl. 1 trestle table)* - $870.00 (inc. GST) p/tent
*Please note: it is not compulsory for teams to hire a tent from the Netball NSW provider

2022 Junior State Titles Key Dates

28 March Junior State Titles entries open
6 May Junior State Titles entries close
10 May Junior State Titles late entries close ($500 late entry fee applies)
13 May Junior State Titles provisional grading released
16 May Junior State Titles Tent bookings open
20 May Junior State Titles appeals close
3 June Junior State Titles Umpire names and qualifications due
3 June Junior State Titles Tent bookings close
24 June Junior State Titles fixture released
2-4 July

Junior State Titles
Div.1 & 2 - Penrith District NA
Div.3 & 4 - Baulkham Hills Shire NA

For the full 2022 Netball NSW Competitions Key Dates, please head to the General Information page of the Netball NSW website.

2022 Competition Rules can be found by clicking on the link below

Participant Pledge

The participant pledge will be delivered by the host administrator together with one athlete, coach and umpire on behalf of all participants at Senior and Junior State Titles. The pledge provides an opportunity for all participants to come together before competition begins to reflect on the values of good sportsmanship and the power of sport.

Participant Pledge

Male Participation

Netball NSW is delighted to announce that the 2022 HART Junior and Senior State Titles will include male divisions for the first time. Netball NSW and Men's Netball are working with Associations to build their male base and prepare teams for State Titles in 2022.

Is your Association interested in entering a male team into State Titles in 2022?

We would like to hear from those Associations who are interested in entering a male team in State Titles in 2022. To assist with planning, if you are intending to work towards having a male team for state titles, or you would like further assistance with building your male base, please submit your expression of interest by providing some details at the link below:

Are you and your friends interested in being a part of a team at State Titles in 2022?

If you and your friends are interested in being a part of the male divisions at State Titles in 2022, but are unable to find an Association that is intending to submit a team, provide your details at the link below and we can look to assist.

Registration & Forms

Following are the steps to enter a team into the 2022 HART Junior State Titles

Male Team Entries - If you are wishing to enter a team in the male divisions of Junior State Titles, please contact for instructions on how to enter a male team. The closing date for entries to the Male Division is as the female divisions, being Friday 6 May, 2022.


STEP 1 - Netball NSW Communication

  • Please be aware all Netball NSW Affiliated Associations have had a representative club set-up in PlayHQ in order for Netball NSW to invite Associations to Netball NSW Competitions.
    • To access your Association Representative club, login to your PlayHQ account for your Association at In the top left-hand corner under 'Using as', type in your full association name followed by 'Representative'. For example, 'Hills District Netball Association Representative'.
    • Anyone with affiliate admin access at the Association level will have access to the Association Representative club.

STEP 2 - Accept the invitation to enter Junior State Titles, create your teams, create your players/officials registration forms & allocate teams

  • All Associations representative clubs will be invited to Junior State Titles. To accept this invite click in the top left hand corner under 'Using as' and type in your full association name followed by 'Representative'. For example, 'Hills District Netball Association Representative'.
  • Once you have accepted the invite refer to the State Titles - PlayHQ Instructions to enter Senior State Titles and set-up Teams and Registrations.
  • The State Titles - PlayHQ Instructions document provides detailed step by step instructions on the following: 
    • Accepting an invitation to enter Junior State Titles within PlayHQ
    • Creating your 12U, 13U & 14U teams in your club (Association)
    • Creating registration forms for players and team officials to register to their team
    • Allocating your 12U, 13U & 14U teams to the 12U, 13U & 14U grades in Junior State Titles

STEP 3 - Player & Team Official Registrations

  • PlayHQ Admins (or nominated person) will send the team registration link to players and team officials. The team registration link will be accessible after you have set up your Team and Player registration forms as outlined in the PlayHQ Competition set-up instructions - State Titles - PlayHQ Instructions
    • Please note: each team you create, 12U, 13U and/or 14U team will have their own individual registration link.
  • Please ensure to include the following in your correspondence to players and team officials regarding registration:
    • Registration link to the correct team
    • Player registration close date
      • It is recommended Associations set a deadline that players must finalise their registration to the team. Ie: all Players must be registered no later than 48 hours prior (5pm, Wednesday 4th May 2022) to the close of team entries. This will ensure you have enough time to complete the final steps of the team entry. 
    • Include the instructions - PlayHQ Instructions - State Titles Player & Team Official Registrations

STEP 4 - Final Submission

  • Once all Players and Team Officials are registered to the respective team in PlayHQ and you have allocated the teams to their grades, the following will need to be completed:
    • Download the Team List Report as outlined in the PlayHQ Competition set-up Instructions State Titles - PlayHQ Instructions
    • An Association Official will need to complete the Team Entry Form (this form is a google form and will need to be completed online)
  • The Association Official will then submit the Team List Reports to
    • Closing date for team entries (all steps above completed) - 5pm, Friday 6 May 2022

Click on the link below for the Umpire Nomination form for Junior State Titles. 

The closing date for Umpire Nominations is - Friday, 3 June 2022

If your Association wishes to register a player to play in a higher age group than what they are eligible for at either the 2022 Junior State Titles or Senior State Titles, you are requested to complete and submit this application. 

2022 Player Late Registration & De-Registration Form to be advised

Supporters attending Junior State Titles have an option to either bring their own personal tent/ shade structure or utilise the hire services of Festival Hire who Netball NSW have engaged as the Team Tent provider for the 2022 HART Junior and Senior State Titles.
Outlined in the document in the link below are details of items available to supporters to hire from Festival Hire, all orders should be placed direct with Festival Hire via the email provided in the document.

Please note: all personal tents/shade structures will be required to be dismantled and removed at the end of each day.

Grading & Team Lists

2022 Team Lists to be advised

Fixtures & Results

2022 Fixtures & Results to come


For more information please contact the Competitions Team:
Claire Dale – Competitions Manager on (02) 9951 5005 or
Kaila Lawrence - Competitions Coordinator on (02) 9951 5075 or