Marie Little Shield

NSW State Teams - Marie Little Shield: Women aged 16 and older with an intellectual disability

Vision: Athletes will be supported on and off the court to strive toward individual skill development and building team cohesion at the Marie Little Shield National Tournament and beyond.

Enjoy the Challenge

Every year Netball NSW selects a team to represent the state at the Marie Little Shield National Tournament. Netball NSW has enjoyed a lot of success in recent years and have been crowned the champions in four of the last five Marie Little Shield tournaments.

From May to June, Netball NSW selects a representative team and training partners to train fortnightly to develop individual skills and team building. Specialised coaches and support staff are also selected to support on and off the court and maximise the experience of each athlete.

A focus of the Marie Little Shield program is to provide women with intellectual disabilities an opportunity to represent their state at a national tournament. The program promotes skill development on court, personal growth off court and teamwork in match play. Above all, athletes are encouraged to enjoy the challenge.