Multicultural Netball

Netball NSW is committed to providing opportunities for everyone to become involved in netball and to feel welcomed as a respected and valued member in our netball community in NSW. As a multicultural nation, Netball NSW celebrate the wide variety of ethnic backgrounds our participants come from and stand united in a sport we all love.

Netball NSW continues to strive to increase netball’s engagement with diverse communities in NSW and engaged specialist consultancy company, DiverseWerks, to conduct research with people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds to identify unique needs they may have when considering participation in netball as a post school or (extra-curricular) activity.

We are currently working on a number of projects which encourage people from all backgrounds to participate in netball including partnering with the Super Sikh’s Cup and the Western Sydney Sports Festival.

We are also excited about the Couch to Court program which was launched in partnership with the South Western Sydney Local Health District in 2019, and the proposed Harmony Netball Festival in 2021.

Multicultural & CALD Events & Programs

Couch to Court Program

The Couch to Court program, as the name suggests, aims to help women get off the couch and onto the netball court. The overall goal of the 8 week program is to increase the number of women engaging in sport by developing fundamental netball skills and boosting confidence in a supportive and social environment.

The program was introduced as a way to combat the current statistics, that showed 50% of women over 25 were intimidated by sports clubs and fewer than 20% of women are currently involved in team or club-based sports.


For more information about Multicultural and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Netball, please contact Jenny Moroney, Growth & Innovation Manager at