Do you or one of your fellow teachers have a passion for Netball?

You don’t have to be a PE teacher or particularly sporty, you just need to be enthusiastic about netball!

The program aims to recognise and reward teachers who encourage the growth of netball within the school environment, while also creating a positive and valuable relationship between Netball NSW and the teachers in the NSW education system.

In your role as a Netball NSW School Ambassador we will be asking you to:

  • Be the main contact for all things Netball at your School
  • Share your passion and knowledge of Netball with other teachers and students
  • Facilitate your school's participation in Netball NSW programs

As part of joining this program we will help you with all of the above and you will also be part of a reward and recognition scheme for encouraging the growth of Netball within your school environment.

Register here to be a Netball NSW School Ambassador