Inclusive Uniforms

It is important that netball recognises that everyone participating in our sport can wear a uniform that caters for individual preferences and religious beliefs, but also protects individuals in all weather conditions. Netball NSW embraces adaptability and flexibility around uniforms in order to encourage continued participation and enjoyment in our sport. 

Inclusive Uniform Guidelines

This document has been created by Netball Australia, in collaboration with all Member Organisations, including Netball NSW, and will apply for all levels of competition from 1st January 2023. Clubs and associations must approve the uniform of any team which can include any of the components outlined in the guidelines provided they are of the same colour and/or design. Netball NSW encourages all clubs and associations to align their uniform policies with this position in order to contribute to creating more welcoming and inclusive netball environments across NSW.
Full Guidelines



During a match players must wear: 
a) Registered playing uniform and suitable sports footwear (spiked soles are not allowed).
b) Playing positions initials 150 mm (6 in) high which must be clearly visible and worn above the waist, front and back.

Note: The INF Rules do not indicate that the registered playing uniform must be a dress. The rules indicate that it must be the registered playing uniform. A registered playing uniform is defined by the Club and approved by the competition organiser (the Association). This means Clubs and Associations have the chance at grassroots level to ensure uniforms are inclusive for everyone.

The match officials are two umpires and a reserve umpire.

The match officials (umpires) must:
a) Wear clothing that is distinct from the teams' playing uniforms and suitable sports footwear.

Note: The INF Rules do not indicate that the uniform must be white or that it must be a top and skirt. The rules indicate that the clothing must be distinct from the playing uniforms. In the same way that players should feel comfortable in their playing uniform, match officials should have the opportunity to choose a uniform they feel comfortable in.


In 2019 Netball NSW began a partnership with the SPort & Recreation INTervention & Epidemiology Research (SPRINTER) group at the University of Sydney. SPRINTER provides leadership and evidence to inform evidence-based decision making.
Through our partnership with SPRINTER, Netball NSW gains evidence-based insights utilising membership information collected at the time of registration and through in-depth analysis of responses to our annual online membership survey. Click on the link below to find the full results from 2020.

The Victoria University conducted a study based on: What Girls Want in Sports Uniforms to make them feel comfortable and confident to participate in sport.
727 Australian girls completed a survey to share their thoughts and beliefs about sport uniforms. To see the results of their survey and study, please click on the link below.