Courses & Workshops

Bench Official Training Sessions

Netball NSW conducts hands-on training sessions prior to DOOLEYS Metro League.

These training sessions provide new bench officials with the training required to officiate in Metro League.

The training sessions cover:

- Event specific logistics
- Familiarisation with the scoresheet used
- Familiarisation with the countdown clocks
- Familiarisation with the overhead score boards

Monday 14 March - 7:00pm
Tuesday 15 March - 7:00pm
Thursday 17 March - 7:00pm
Monday 21 March- 7:00pm
Tuesday 22 March - 7:00pm
Thursday 24 March 7:00pm

Online Education

The Rules of Netball Theory Exam below is part of the National Officiating Accreditation Scheme and tests the basic rules of the game.

A Rules of Netball Theory Exam pass (70%) is a prerequisite for:

- C Grade Badge, the introductory level umpire accreditation.
- State Bench Official Accreditation
- Development Coach Accreditation

Bench Officials have an important role to play – they are responsible for ensuring the correct score is recorded, the correct time is played and other match details are recorded accurately. The Bench Officials Education Course has been designed to assist you in learning the skills and knowledge required to fulfil all Bench Official roles. The Bench Officials Education course is a pre-requisite for obtaining the State Bench Official Accreditation and subsequently the National Bench Officials Accreditation.

The course looks at:

Being a Bench Official
Scorer 1
Scorer 2
Extra Time Procedures
Where to now?
What you’ll learn

Demonstrate effective coaching communication strategies 
Demonstrate effective group management strategies 
Review the first five steps of the seven steps of skill progression 
Apply the steps of skill progression within a practical environment/activity 
Understand, safely teach and apply the principles of the Netball Australia KNEE Program 
Safely teach, identify and correct technique faults in netball for; – ball handling skills – movement and footwork skills – attacking skills – defending skills – goal shooting / circle defence skills 
Create and progress appropriate skills sessions into dynamic situations 
Create and evaluate simple Game Day team goals and strategies 
Apply the techniques of basic netball skills into relevant court situations 
Apply the principles of positional and team play into basic court strategy 
Employ four of the self-reflection methods to evaluate and improve the quality of coach management, teaching and communication (Player feedback, peer feedback, self-awareness, video analysis, and mentor Coach Developer) 
Review coach education pathways and update opportunities