COVID-19 Toolkit

This page includes a range of resources for our Association and Clubs to download and display in their facilities, including templates, checklists, infographics, fact sheets for netball and posters on handwashing, hygiene and physical distancing.

Please note: These resources will also be updated and added to promptly if and/or when State Government policies or regulations change.

Latest Updates

An exemption is now in place under the Public Health Order for Netball Associations, to allow multiple discrete groups of no more than 500 to attend the community sporting activity, under specific conditions as outlined in the exemption. 

The order strictly applies to only those Associations listed in the Schedule. If an Association is not listed in the Schedule they are not permitted to operate their venue in multiple discrete groups and must remain under the 500 person limit for the venue at any one time.

Please contact Netball NSW for clarification if required.

Wellness Survey and Team Wellness Declaration

As a precautionary health measure Netball NSW has developed a Player Wellness Survey which provides a list of recommended questions that Associations should consider asking Players and Team Officials on the day of any carnivals.

It is recommended that Host Associations request  teams participating in any Association carnival submit a Team Wellness Declaration to the Host Association. This can be signed by player or parent where the participants are U18.

COVID-19 Safety Plan

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