Submitting Challenges

Every fortnight challenges will be due! They must be submitted by 5pm on Friday afternoon to be considered for full point allocation. Submissions will be considered over the weekend but will automatically lose 1 point per day late for each challenge. No challenges will be accepted after the next fortnight begins. 

Some challenges will be for the whole class, whilst others will require individuals in the class to present their challenge to their teacher, who can then submit the best challenge on behalf of their class (in the case of the latter, teachers are welcome to submit multiple students entries however only one will be awarded points).

When submitting challenges, you will need to show proof of completion, that is, a picture or video of the submission or the produced task e.g. transcript, artwork, class photo etc.

There are three ways you can submit your completed challenges:

  1. Email evidence to our schools team at (e.g. word or PDF documents, photos etc.)
  2. Post them online (with permission, via a public profile) but make sure you tag #UpForTheChallengeNNSW21 and reference your class
  3. Create and share a google drive folder that you can upload submissions to. Don't forget to share this folder with either our email OR so we can access submissions

Your class will receive a challenge booklet one week before the competition begins with all of the challenges provided. Your class has 2 weeks to complete and submit the fortnights challenges. 

There will also be bonus challenges to complete for a chance to win extra points! Bonus challenges can be submitted at any point during the competition. 

If you have any questions, please email our schools team